Ethiopia’s efforts for lasting peace

 Cognizant of the fact that peace requires unwavering commitment, immeasurable patience, good will to cultivate and harvest scrummy fruits just like trees need fertile soil to grow, Ethiopia is right now making all situations livable to entice lasting peace.

The country has set a direction to build one strong, centralized and professional army and started practical steps that will allow Special Forces of each state to be integrated into different security structures. Such a bold move is bearing fruits, indeed, and peace has prevailed across the nation.

The sources of armed conflicts fuelled by a polarized society and warring factions get dried as Ethiopia is committed to ensure lasting peace inside, in the Horn and beyond. Yes, Ethiopia wants to achieve sustainable peace and stability via forming a more inclu¬sive political system, strong and professional army. The vision of making Ethiopia a peaceful Horn of Africa nation is at the verge of being made quite real.

The government is working to realize this noble objective through reorganizing and reforming the forces via helping them join the Defense Forces, the Federal Police or the Regional Police. This rewarding step to integrate all regional Special Forces is of paramount importance in minimizing risks of happening asymmetrical and unlawful engagements.

Unequivocally, setting up one strong, professional and patriotic armed force is a viable avenue to well safeguard the strategic geopolitical position and influential status of Ethiopia. That is why the county has now capitalized on reintegrating its scattered security forces to create a strong and untiring one. The federal police have recently welcomed states’ security forces and reintegrated them into its national security trajectory and provided them with relevant training in a bid to equip them to be professional soldierly elements.

Even the European Union has acknowledged such a remarkable step as the country has come to normalcy and been working to ensure lasting peace at every nook and cranny of the nation. Yes, setting divisive aspects in the military sector aside is of a lucrative approach to push the country’s peace a number of steps forward. Following the peace and security tendency in the country these days, investors have shown keen interest to invest in Ethiopia.

True, the effort geared by the federal police has been bearing fruits as it has amalgamated all security forces into one strong entity. The decision is not, basically, disarmament, but the forces would get more training and weapons to be reintegrated into other security structures keeping their preference intact to help them better serve their country.

Not only does the government work on security forces but it has taken a number of steps to enhance community participation in peace processes and conflict prevention. The key priority of the government is to increase the magnitude of lasting peace and find opportunities for the society to complement each other’s task for serenity.

The government has thus to work on citizens to be productive ones and guardians of the peace ensured in the country instead of indulging themselves in the box of being instigators or drivers of conflict since lasting peace across the nation requires active participation and the combined effort of all.

Thus, Ethiopia’s peace process is an encouraging and exemplary move from which many can draw telling lessons. The country has indeed contributed a lot to Horn peace and aims to make all Africans dividend in peace. Unequivocally, peace in Ethiopia is now maintained and well exercised. Investors can confidently come and citizens of any world nation can feel at home and run whatever they like as peacefully and enthusiastically as possible.


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