Ethiopia’s foreign policy prioritizes peace, mutual benefits

 ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said that Ethiopia pursuesa foreign relation that gives emphasis for peaceful co-existence and constructive engagement that effectively ensure its national interest.

The Premier stressed yesterday that the government is committed to solidify relations with various countries and working to strengthen ties based on mutual benefits. The government has been pursuing meticulous approaches to sustain the national interest and are working to improve the ties between the United States and other global powers.

Abiy further noted that the policy was designed in the way to embrace Ethiopia’s neighbors and it is the major factor behind the country’s huge involvement in regional economic integration. For instance, Ethiopia and South Sudan are conducting various discussions at the government level to address mutual concerns.

“Ethiopia is committed to apply win-win approach inthe Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and for the fair utilization of natural resources including Nile waters and solve differences through negotiations. It has no plan to stop the flow of the Nile, but to generate the power and release it.”

As to him, Ethiopia opts to work together with Egypt and Sudan on the GERD issue and his country adheres its commitment togenerate electricity and releasethe water to lower riparian states. “The Nile water is sufficient for the three countries and we are ready as long as there is a solution that benefits all of us.”

“However, Ethiopia should not be the sole party to push for the signing and implementation of the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) and the lower riparian countries have to discharge responsibility to the implementation of the agreement.”

About the appointment of new ambassadors and diplomats, the Prime Minister indicated many of them are assigned as military envoys and they will support Ethiopia’s defense forces from wherever they are delegated.

The government has established a task force to repatriate Ethiopian citizens who are in a difficult situation Saudi Arabia; however, that existence of a large number of undocumented citizens in that country has affected the repatriation process, he clarified.


23 FEBRUARY 2022

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