Ethiopia’s foreign policy pursues pragmatism in global politics

ARBA MINCH- Ethiopia is not employing its foreign policy as the instrument to form a typical alliance with or against any major power bloc and promotes pragmatism while dealing with global politics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said.

While panelists on a symposium hosted by Arba Minch University yesterday, MoFA Spokesperson Dina Mufti stressed that the current Ethiopia’s foreign policy is pragmatic in nature, and doesn’t twist sides to support or oppose the ideology of global actors. Ethiopia’s foreign policy centers on national sovereignty, bringing in economic prosperity and ensuring citizens’ dignity and safety.

About current global politics, the veteran diplomat indicated leading exporters of weapons have made every attempt to make Africa reliant on arms import thereby garnering the continent’s diplomatic backup. “We are exploring mechanisms to ease Ethiopia’s reliance on arms imports. We need to remain pragmatic rather than siding some agents.”

“The anthem of equality, freedom and justice is melodic and interesting. But they are not seen in the actual world. More developed countries are experiencing unlimited rights while undeveloped ones can’t be likewise.”

Meanwhile, Dina highlighted that Sudanese leadership undermines the capability of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to bring peace and stability in the East African region. The situation requires the active participation of all IGAD member states to change the situation for better.

The MoFA has been partnering with public diplomacy wings aiming to defend Ethiopia’s national interest and institutions of higher education have ultimate responsibility to campaign against external pressure, he remarked.



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