Ethiopia’s victory nullifies TPLF affiliated groups’ dream


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s victory over the evil TPLF forces vanished the faction’s and its foreign backers’ dream and restored the country in its front-seat in the pan-Africanism movement, a celebrated  historian said.

A well-known historian and Ethio-Arab relations researcher, Adem Kamil (Assistant Professor) told The that Ethiopia has been in trouble for the last two year; hence foreign adversaries were hoping for dismantling of the country. In fact, the external provocation has unlocked Ethiopia’s opportunity of gaining Africans and some other countries’ support.

“I am always close to the Arab media. They were supposing Ethiopia will be the new Yemen, Syria or Iraq. Our major departure here should be the Egyptian politics in Ethiopia. Four major obstacles have been  trapped until this day.”

The historian pointed out that Egyptians instigated conflicts with a view to halting the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) since its commencement. Secondly, they tried their level best to stop the first filling of the dam… and likewise to halt the second filling. “After all these, the Egyptians are now backing TPLF’s war efforts and they dully failed.”

He said the Egyptian elite are now questioning how Ethiopia has rescued itself and are examining the country’s importance to the Horn of Africa stability. “Even though, the conspiracy by some Arab and Egyptian politicians is likely to continue.”

“To win the challenge, the next journey should be enhancing the diplomatic and media campaign. More than 1,500 thatch roofs houses have been burnt down by the TPLF forces. The media should expose it to the global community.”

Adem further highlighted that Ethiopia still has a significant number of supporters across the globe. “Tens of thousands of Yemenis and Syrians are residing in Addis Ababa… I have found these migrants have deep affection for Ethiopia and some of them told me in person that they are praying for the country.”

The January 5/2022

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