European diplomat slams West’s sprawled approach with Ethiopia



ADDIS ABABA– Throughout history some Western powers tend to stand against Ethiopian successive governments and tend to support rebel forces when the country has been troubled by internal problems, a former European Diplomat said.

Speaking to PRIME MEDIA WORLD the ex-diplomat Simo Parviainen stated that the U.S., EU and some other Western powers’ approach towards Ethiopia’s sitting governments remains biased. “If we come to the current situation on the conflict now that there is battle fluid losses by the TPLF and they withdraw to Tigray State now but this is being portrayed as an opportunity for peace but it is really a result of battlefield loses that has been inflicted on their kind adventure to the Amhara and Afar states.”

Noting TPLF created a terrible humanitarian disaster, Parviainen highlighted that the criminal faction was completely overlooked by the Western media and Western policy pronouncement. “There is an urgent need for policy review in the West because Ethiopia and other African countries are evolving and changing.”

As to him, if a rebel movement/terrorism would happen in any Western state, there will be strengthening of anti-terror laws and anyone should respect the rule of law that is going on now in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian legal system, which is quite capable in this stage dealing with the rule of law situation, has been undermined by all kinds of international interference.

“The international community seems very biased from the start of the northern conflict and all measures including sanctions and other things imposed on the country are affecting the legitimate government and millions of innocent citizens but didn’t harm the rebellious groups.”

What should be done in the West in the part of policy review is to look at the illicit money flows that the TPLF takes out from the country because there is a very good instrument in the U.S. and EU to freeze these assets and return them to Ethiopia government funds. So, this should be looked into if there is a political will, the carrier diplomat emphasized.

The January 12/2022

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