Ezema aims for active participation in Nat’l Dialogue


ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Ezema) said the planned national dialogue is an opportunity to address contentious issues and bring a national consensus, expressing conviction to active participation.

Ezema’s Committee Chairperson at the National Dialogue Eyob Mesafint told The Ethiopian that the issue of national dialogue has been quested for long by political parties with a view to solving contentious issues and paving the way for national consensus. Now stakeholders have to utilize the opportunity to sustain the peace and unity of the country.

Noting national dialogue is widely regarded by political actors as a positive step in resolving contentious issues, Eyob indicated Ezema hereby considers the deliberation is timely and will make active involvement so as to civilize Ethiopia’s politics. “In fact, national dialogue is a very sensitive concept because it involves various stakeholders with conflicting ideology, attitude and agenda. Hence, the deliberation should be held in a meticulous manner so as to address Ethiopia’s pressing challenges.”

The public have been affected by conflicts in various parts of the country that are triggered by the growing antagonism of different political actors which translated to ethnic strife. Accordingly, a lot is expected from political actors to nurture and share common understanding on the national vision of the country, he emphasized.

“The national dialogue will expect to bring extreme differences closer and for common identity and sustaining the existence of the country, political actors should work in unison.”

The March 8/2022

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