Ezema underlines March 8 celebration focusing on women war victims


ADDIS ABABA—Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Ezema) urged authorities to frame this year’s Women’s Day (March 8) celebration in the way that has taken the issue of women who are victims of the war waged by anti peace elements in the country .

Stressing that organizing the celebration following the business as usual pattern is tantamount to ignoring those women victims found in the northern and Eastern part of Ethiopia, the party emphasized that consideration should be taken carefully.

Aligning with the celebration of Women Day, the party highlighted its concern regarding the women mainstreaming entity that is being organized under administrational structure. The party noted that the new structure is embracing those women members and employees of the leading party, in city, sub city and district level.

As to Ezema’s perspective, those organizations that had been set up during the Derg regime and EPRDF had failed to bring about solutions. To this end, the party strongly believes that the structure should be open and embrace women who are outside of party and administrational positions.

Isolating women who are far from leadership and administrational positions has been an erroneous way that wouldn’t be repeated as it was practiced during the Derg and EPRDF time as it was not transparent and democratic, the party underlined that cautious should be taken as to how to use public asset for the consumption of the organization of the women mainstreaming entity.

This year’s celebration of the international women’s day should signify the misery and agony that women have faced due to the war over a year .

The party further underlined that as the organization that is not accountable and democratic cannot bring about sound solution; the process of setting up and structuring revolving around women should be democratic and frank.

The March 9/2022

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