Far be it from peddlers of skirmish to prove disciples of peace

At different hairpin bends in history our world had witnessed roadblocks and showdowns tagged with different nomenclature. The roots of the logjams could be traced back to narcissism or other psychological anomalies. One way or another, the stumbling blocks had compelled the world to pay heavy prices. The tragedy is still simmering unabated.

Watching the drama of imposing one’s selfish and egoistic national interest on the fledgling exhibited by some westerners is once more leading the world down the lane of catastrophic destruction. This bad scenario is eclipsing emerging countries’ optimism of catapulting to self-dabble-ensured development.To add an insult to injury, humbugs of the abovementioned brand destabilize the victim country fomenting religious, ethnic and instigated-political conflicts.

Hardening their hearts the affluent nations, especially those categorized in the conceptual west, are seen going astray from human and moral rights. Commoditizing everything, they eye on optimizing returns from the debris of their entire destructive sprees. They use countries reduced to rubbles as bogeyman to flog similar aspirants of self-growth to the straightjacket they prepare aiming at meeting own gluttonous ends.

At this juncture, it is appropriate to mention the damage westerners inflicted on ancient nations like Iraq and Syria, boasting histories written in brighter inks. In doing so, westerners have caused the death, maim, affliction and displacement of people of these countries.

They have extended the agony of such soft targets. Under the guise of seeing to democratic and human rights, even on the global arena basking under media limelight, they try to rock down the confidence of nations that assert their sound national interests. They walk similar selfish fifth columnists up the stairs to the power pedestal. Aside from sponging on the respective countries, turning dissenters on par with fanatics; such opportunist leaders drive divisive wedges rising diametrically opposite ideas in different discussion forums.

Worse still, these countries playact peace brokers of the conflict they themselves adore to orchestrate. They also mercilessly paint the victim as the victimizer to acerbically criticize the former. On one end of the scale they volubly enunciate about peace on the other end of it they extremely contemplate about selfish national interest they should get from the crumbling of nations. This way they assume the role of a pointer to destruction. Dampening the mood of many countries, they allow diffidence to put down deeper roots round the globe.

The global community must tell hypocrites in clear terms that they could not go on disturbing the world donning the cloak of humanitarianism, human right and democratization. Their track record shows that they could not be preachers of the aforementioned lofty ideals.

The world could have a sustainable peace and reliable security when people harbor hope of peace and a turnaround and strive towards the attainment of it. It is a mockery of justice talking about peace and vending conflicts.

Cascading this to the Ethiopian case, mastering a preemptive move Ethiopians should refrain from turning a prey to booby-traps designed by opportunists to lure them into bait. As the adage runs “if you fool me once shame on you but if you fool me twice shame on me,” they must learn addressing things with a cool head as currently witnessed in the law-enforcement operation and the dilemma of entering into Tigray or not.

Apart from maintaining a sustainable peace, mobilizing Ethiopians and the Ethiopian diaspora as well as philanthropists the country need to bring back to shape the hospitals, schools and factories terrorist TPLF idiotically turned into scrapyards. There is also a call for treating the trauma of rape victims and survivors of atavistic revenges perpetrated by the brutal group. Journalists of integrity should be encouraged to throw light on the reality.

Furthermore, precluding those whose hands are besmirched with blood, sitting around a horseshoe table ironing out political differences and coming up with a consensus and a resolution is called for so as to bar divisive entry point to hypocrites and charlatan media houses.

Our country Ethiopia is endowed with bountiful resources and motivated workforce. Combining the two and ensuring peace this ancient country of indigenous wisdom could materialize its ambitious leap to prosperity.

The January 1/2022

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