Federation urges women to actively engage in Nat’l dialogue


ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Women Federation urged women to play a pivotal role in making the newly established national dialogue commission successful in its all future endeavours.

 Speaking to The Ethiopia Press Agency (EPA) the Federation President Asekale Lemma noted that women are one of the major vulnerable segments of the society during conflicts thereby taking the lion share for the realization of national dialogue objectives is a must.

She emphasized that women are expected to contribute a lot in safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation, moreover, they should put utmost efforts to ensure sustainable peace in the country.

Understanding the benefits of the national dialogue for women , she noted that the federation had played an active role in providing feedback during the national dialogue proclamation formulation.

She further noted that the federation has set up its structure in each district of the country and carried out tremendous activities in a bid to make its members actively engage in the national dialogue.

The President expressed the Federation’s readiness to participate in the issues that the commission would put on the table having lauded the government’s commitment to hold all inclusive national dialogue.

She also mentioned that the federation has organized peace council that is drawn from the federation to each Kebele to ensure the sovereignty of the nation.

The president urged everyone to join hands for realization of the national dialogue as well as be ready to sit around a table and hold discussions to apprehend commission’s major objectives.

The March 8/2022

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