Fought with courage, sacrificed for the good of the nation



It is no wonder, Ethiopians are heroes and heroines. They have no heart of fear; rather than striking terror into the hearts of their enemies. In each and every battle Ethiopians have been engaged, they attested the level of their bravery and nationalistic feelings practically.

In fact, in a situation nation’s enemies never sleep until they overpowered Ethiopia; and in a condition they leave no stone unturned to trap the country, it will not be surprising for Ethiopians to stay alert all the time and be always ready to thwart their enemies.

Truly speaking, Ethiopians, let alone people with uniforms, even civilians are soldiers who are committed to sacrifice their lives to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. This is the fact that the whole world had witnessed and reasserted it.

Since the past one year, the terrorist TPLF junta with the aim to disrupt the peace and security of the people of Ethiopia, dismantle the country thereby to regain power which is unviable at all, has been perpetrating numerous distressing evil acts to children’s of Ethiopia to discouraged and weaken them.

It has used almost all inhuman crimes. However, none of them has terrified Ethiopians or helped the terrorists to attain their ill intents. Instead, it drives Ethiopians to further strengthen their unity with internal and external forces and join hands to protect their land from the turncoats and their associates.

It was recently an email message came to EPA from Ataye, Semien Shewa Zone, Amhara State that narrates the story of a hero who fought and sacrifice his life to honor Ethiopia and the organization he was serving for.

Soldier Arega Gizaw was born in Majete Town. He was a veteran. Till his last breath, he had been serving at Wegagen Bank in Ataye Branch, Semien Shewa Zone, Amhara State.

Indeed, it was three decades ago, Arega demonstrated his love and devotion for Ethiopia when he when he joined the army and fought the Woyane forces at battlefields at his early age, during the Derg Regime while he was member of the former army.

However, when Woyane took control of the country and the Derg army was disintegrated in 1991, Arega and other true sons and daughters of Ethiopia, who were serving in the army thrown away like trash. They were left simply as if they did not contribute anything to their country.

Despite the fact that life was not simple to members of the former army, life has kept its pace and as a means to sustain his life, Arega had engaged in various jobs. Lately, while he was vacillating on such condition, he got a job at Wegagen Bank, Ataye branch and hired as a security guard.

Recently, when the rebel junta and its associate, Shene, were advancing to Ataye Town, Arega was a shift person to guard the Bank. However, when the insurgents were nearing to control the town, his seniors and friends advised him to go to his house. Unfortunately, he preferred to stay there and defend the bank alone; not to break his words.

In the end, what was feared had happened. Some members of the terrorist groups advanced to the bank to rob whatever was there. However, Arega did not give them a chance. He started firing at them. The TPLF junta members did not expect to

 face such a heroic man at the bank. For that reason, they were forced to bring additional force.

The battle between the two groups lasted for some minutes. Arega was doing his best to save the bank from the burglars. The terrorists were also using all means to take control of the bank. At this point, after killing six robbers, Arega`s firearm became empty of bullets. It was at this moment, he got shot and fell bravely. He was sacrificed in glory.

The terrorists were now in control of the bank. They were so cruel that they did not even want to give the deceased body of Arega. They kept the body inside the bank for about fifteen days. As one of the eye witnesses indicated to EPA, they refused to give the body for he had killed six of their members.

According to Sergeant Tewodros Degenet, when the TPLF junta was forced to leave the town by the combined hands of the National Defense Force, Militia, Fano and the other insurgents, it had left the body to their mercenaries, members of Shene, and they were trying to resist from giving the dead body.

However, as they too were beaten by the Ethiopian forces and expelled shamefully, it was enabled to hold funeral ceremony. Arega though departed physically, his courageous deeds will always be in the heart of every Ethiopians.

Ethiopia has never been barren of hero children like Arega. No matter how hard the condition is, no matter how hard their economic situation is, its children have never compromised with their life. There was no time where they sit idle when expansionists or traitors attempted to jeopardize the peace and stability of the nation. Let alone, an ordinary terrorists like TPLF, Ethiopians even had courage to face well equipped and trained fascist forces. Nothing or no one had ever terrified Ethiopians.

The remnants of the TPLF Junta were aware of this. While they were in power for almost three decades they have tried to demoralize Ethiopians. This is particularly true for the Amhara ethnic groups. However, the more the terrorists attempted to cripple Ethiopians, the more they become stronger. The more they try to divide Ethiopians, the more they make them united to stand as one. They have tried to stop several Aregas. However, the more they kill one Arega the more other Aregas come into existence.

The January 2/2022

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