‘From ordeal to ascension’ –translate to practice

 ‘From ordeal to ascension’ is the English equivalent of the Prosperity Party’s 1st Congress catch phrase. The ordeal Ethiopia has been through is very clear to all. The transition from a 27-year TPLF ruling to a new era had rather been peaceful. But the terrorist TPLF oligarchs had started to sabotage the reform right on the eve of the reform years, displacing millions of citizens from their localities.

The evil plots continued unabated, and reach to its peak as the greedy TPLF had attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces. It was unfortunate that they dragged us into war. Their western enablers added fuel to the fire. The internal and external conspirators waged war of all sorts at multiple battle fields including the cyberspace.

‘Regime change’ was the title of the episodes. The internal and external actors made all efforts to smartly perform the drama reading from the outdated playbook. A few foreign missions in Addis also left the capital; even foreign nationals of some entities were forced to leave the country.

The drum beats of “Addis under siege” roared among western and even some Middle-Eastern media. So-called federalist forces went live on western mainstream media hoping the government in Addis was to go away soon, and they were rushing to assume power sneaking upon its heels.

Killing against civilians, gang-raping, looting, and the likes by the terrorist TPLF forces were deliberately unnoticed by the so-called international media.

Commendably, countering all these difficulties and passing through different ordeals, the new party which is duly elected by the people has achieved multifold successes in the economic, political and social spheres. To mention some, it has finalized projects that had been stalled for years and finished newly launched projects in the set period.

In addition, it has introduced Homegrown Economic Reform that served to rescue the nation’s economy from a total collapse. It has registered diplomatic triumphs defending unwarranted pressures mostly from some western powers related to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the war in the northern part of the country.

The party has also shown commitment to undo the country’s long-existing problems. The coming to scene of the Ethiopian National Dialogue commission that is greatly expected to bring solution for the misunderstandings among the people is mentionable in this regard.

The country is still facing multiple problems. Thus, there are a lot of responsibilities ahead of the party to deal with. First of all, it needs to look inside and clear itself from internal enemies. By doing so, it is responsible to respond to the questions of the people especially related to inflation and peace. It has to bring to end conflicts occurring here and there that are taking the lives of citizens. It is up on the party’s shoulder to rehabilitate internally displaced people as well.

As the party’s president Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) indicated at the opening of the Congress, decisions that would be made by the party should enable the country achieve an all-round development. The president repeatedly mentioned that the party should build a legacy of detesting theft. His conviction in this regard must be translated to practice. The biggest menace along our way is theft.

In sum, the achievement even at a time of great ordeal is commendable. As it has promised, the country should ascend to an all-round development. For this to happen, the party must walk the talks.

The Ethiopian March 12/2022

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