Generation with universal personality: Bedrock to build steady nation

Along with undertaking the sovereignty and integrity struggle, Ethiopia is maneuvering to build steady nation on the bedrock of universally equipped generation. To this end, escalating the reading culture of the generation becomes among the prominent issues. In this regard the newly inaugurated Abrehot Library with multi facility situated in Addis Ababa, plays the lion’s share in this regard.

The nation currently, unlike any moment in its history, is passing through unique temptation that makes it a target of western powers that employ internal apostates as a Trojan horse to succeed their ill ambition of creating puppet state or dismantling the nation.

These stubborn forces work tirelessly day and night to demount this longstanding state with cherished history despite unified voices to take hands off Ethiopia and #No more movement. The series of conferences the UN Security Council held over a dozen times testify their ill wish towards Ethiopia. Besides, fake reports that accuse the Ethiopian government for non verified genocide committed in Tigray region aimed to defame the country and make accountable its leaders have been fabricated by their allied media.

On the contrary, these media deliberately ignore the atrocities the terrorist group committed in the regions of Amhara and Afar during its invasion lasted until its withdrawal forcefully by coordinated Ethiopian forces. The economic pressures that include expulsion of Ethiopia from AGOA privilege and refusal of loans from international monetary institutions manifest the twisted view of the western powers towards not only to Ethiopia, but also the whole Africa.

The secret how Ethiopia continued steadfast as a state despite all these challenges is because of unprecedented unity created among its citizens. Putting aside their differences, Ethiopians at home and abroad have shown marvelous unity standing as one man to defend their motherland from foreign unlawful pressure.

Extending such unity and making it lasting requires a generation with universal personality that comes real via expanding reading centers like the newly launched library. Side by side with expanding quality education, the presence of standard libraries provides the generation opportunity to use time wisely instead of spending in miserable places.

As the priority agenda of the government is building strong nation and this can be true on the bedrock of universally equipped generation, investing on generation making, need not be pending issue. The expansion of libraries, in this regard, adds great value.

Initiated by the reform forces, Abrehot Library is one of the mega projects become operational and under construction. Had it been during the previous regime, the site the library is constructed on which is the central part of the city with high land value, would be presented for lease to any other business center with high price. The reformist government, however, prefers generation building than the money it earns from the place.

The extraordinary library worth 1.15 billion ETB constructed on 19,000 square meters equipped with various facilities that include research center and reading room for children along with parking lot among others is expected to serve all sections of the community.

Though it is unique in its kind, it is not enough for the country with more than 100 million populations. Thus, it is essential to replicate similar facilities in different parts of the country. Regional states’ governments become the primary responsible entities in this regard though investors are also expected to take part in the sector.

Doing so, it could be attainable creating generation that prefers construction than destruction; discussion than conflict; unity than division; rationality than extremism. These supreme values enable create the nation all citizens sought to live in harmony and fairly benefited.

The January 2/2022

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