GERD electricity generation paves way for constructive negotiations

ADDIS ABABA- The first-time electricity generation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will bring an enabling environment for the upcoming talks through curtailing the fear of Egypt and Sudan concerning the construction of the mega dam, renowned Ethiopian GERD negotiators said.

GERD negotiator and Political Science and International Relations Prof. Yakob Arsano told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the power generation is a great success for Ethiopia and affirmed the downstream countries it will not harm their water share.

Having passed all the ups and downs and monumental challenges, the construction of the dam has reached this level which creates great pride for all Ethiopians.

The scholar classified the GERD’s challenges into two financial and geopolitical. As far as the former is concerned, as the project has requested more than five billion USD, it has been quite challenging to get this amount for a single project in Ethiopia.

However, the government of Ethiopia has been soliciting this amount to get every citizen an active participant in stamping their fingerprint on the dam regardless of a range of differences.

“Likewise, the project encountered geo political challenges that have been raised from Egypt to hinder the construction of the dam,” Yakob noted, adding that the U.S. and many Arab countries have been attempting to hold the construction through developing negative attitudes towards it.

Another well-acclaimed GERD negotiator Engineer Gedion Asfaw said for his part that the achievement stage of the dam will pave the way to undertake a fruitful tripartite negotiation in the future.

The negotiation has been undertaken based on international principles and mutual benefits of the concerned countries and it needs to be continued in the similar approach for the benefit of the parties and successful accomplishment of the project.

Noting the performance of the project is helpful diplomatically, politically and economically for the government of Ethiopia and its people, Gedion recommended that the negotiation should take place in giving emphasis for regional stability and integration.

Next the rest of the turbines will commence generating power turn by turn and the people and government of Ethiopia should consolidate efforts to finalize the project which stands at 85 percent completion.

Lauding the sense of belongingness, the people of Ethiopia have demonstrated to GERD and support the building of the dam financially, professionally and in other ways, the academician called on the public to finance other projects that would transform the economy and livelihoods.


The Ethiopian   24 February  2022

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