GERD flourishes cooperation across Horn: Sudanese, Somali ex- diplomats

ADDIS ABABA- Former diplomats from Sudan and Somalia stated that countries of the Horn of Africa should cooperate to build economic relations like fostering cooperation on Grand Ethiopian Renascence Dam (GERD) as it is an African model mega project by avoiding political contentions.

Approached by local media, consultant and former Sudanese Diplomat Mikki Elmograb said that the economic relationship among countries of the Horn of Africa should be built with cooperation and common growth.

He also said that the GERD will be a positive cause to the economic ties and mutual development.

“My stand on the GERD is clear as the project contributes a lot to the development of Africa. Hence, it is a model for African development of mega projects. For this reason, Africans should always defend the GERD. Other African countries should draw important lessons from Ethiopia.”

According to him, the generation is donating to build the GERD. This is good as an African advocate for African development. Not only does the GERD benefit Ethiopia but it also contributes a lot to the development of Sudan.

“The GERD will help Sudan get stable water throughout the year and the GERD is quite important to it, and the project will help countries enjoy economic integration and those who would like to reject the GERD as it is against the development of agricultural projects in Sudan are wrong and they do have another agendas,” as to him.

He further stated that the Western countries and some actors are standing against the GERD do not want Africa to be beneficial of its land, soil and natural resources. That is why they are against the GERD.

He also recommended the dire need to define the probability of the strategic relation between Sudan and Ethiopia.

Security Analyst and former Somali diplomat, Sonkor Geyre on his part said that the countries of the Horn of Africa should stop entering into tension as the war between and among these countries will never benefit all sides.

“We have to develop economic integrations between countries and we need to come together just like other coordinating European countries.”

Political instabilities should be avoided since no profit can be gained through conflicts and the current leading politicians should focus on building mutual economic infrastructures more than ever before, he noted.



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