Germany pledges more dev’t cooperation with Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA – The new Germany’s government has the desire to work closely with its Ethiopian counterpart to expand and develop cooperation and humanitarian aid, Germany’ Bundestag (federal parliament) announced.

The Bundestag said in its official page that the German government is hoping for the beginning of a new political process and a comparatively stable military situation in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has already announced a dialogue and released a number of prisoners, including members of the TPLF, [withdrawing charges].

Noting the bilateral development cooperation and the reform partnership agreed with Ethiopia have been on hold since the beginning of the fighting and the local staff had to be withdrawn, the Bundestag indicated that since January 3rd, however, the helpers have been able to volunteer in some areas, which have prompted many employees of the Foreign Office and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) to return.

“In addition, humanitarian aid has been significantly increased. In view of the  great importance of Ethiopia for the entire region, both government representatives emphasized the hope and willingness to continue the previous projects and, if necessary, to expand development cooperation and humanitarian aid.”

A breakup of the country would have immense effects on the entire region. Therefore, a national dialogue and greater support from the country is necessary, the Bundestag’s statement remarked.

The January 14/2022

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