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No one can argue the fact that whenever immeasurable health facilities’ damage occurs, and wherever it may be across the globe, the prime person to deprecate the act should be World Health Organization (WHO), literally its head whoever she/he may be, and from where she/he has come as a globally responsible physique.

What is witnessed in the case of Ethiopia is on the contrary as a person who should have come first for condemning the incalculable loss of hospitals and other health facilities in Afar and Amhara states during the war triggered by the Tigray People Libration Front (TPLF), deliberately ignored the damage with a view to cover up the crime for hidden purpose, but Dr. Tedros, to be frank, should have scrupulously followed up a comprehensive health affair at global level no matter what his ties with the notorious culprits may be.

This piece is produced to convey a vivid message to the world community pinpointing the principled ideas, not merely criticizing the man taking his universal position into account. Even he himself could definitely have no reservations in this regard as what should have been acted upon is raised and unequivocally jotted down.

Worse even, apart from the head stance against his country, WHO’s attempt of ‘setting aside,’ Ethiopia’s request to investigate its Director General for his misconduct has highly been regarded as a partisan entity. Why for?

A number of scholars have been producing pieces to unveil the reality to the rest of the world based on what they have practically observed. For instance, Moscow-based American political analyst, Andrew Korybko stated that WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom (PhD) has arguably violated WHO’s code of conduct as he coordinated hybrid war, targeting at destabilizing his motherland, assisting terrorist TPLF tacitly and expressly, portraying a deliberate ignorance over the huge health facilities destruction, and lied about medical equipment merely to defame the Ethiopian government.

Similarly, Tedros has opened a smear campaign against Ethiopia to cover up terrorist crimes via spreading fake news and act as if TPLF is a victim.

Ethio-American Development Council (EADC) has also elucidated that WHO is blocking an investigation of Tedros for his alleged involvement with TPLF and their armed insurrection in Ethiopia #No More #Reform WHO #Remove Tedros and #Disarm TPLF.

WHO Director-General has violated UN Codes of conduct, including the code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to advance terrorist TPLF interests in Ethiopia, renowned journalist Ann Garrison and New Africa Institute Executive Director Dr. Simon Tesfamariam said.

In principle, WHO regulation has required staff members to always act with impartiality and professionalism and to ensure that the expression of personal views and convictions do not compromise the performance of their official duties or the interests of the organization. However, the leader acts otherwise as far as Ethiopia is concerned.

Ann and Simon further highlighted that the alleged actions by Tedros, which have come to light through leaked audio conversations of UN workers, constitute a violation of the UN code, which stipulates staff maintain neutrality and refrain from intervening in the affairs of member states. Tedros has had a global platform to promote TPLF interests on both an ideological and material basis. Despite his claims of neutrality, the Chief has not hesitated to use his position to agitate for his ethnic sect, they remarked.

In a letter sent to the WHO Executive Board, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Dr. Tedros threatens the organizational integrity of the WHO because he has taken sides with a proscribed group in his native country, and he has not lived up to the integrity and professional expectations required from his office and position.

Without a shadow of doubt, the 21st century international health scenery requires effective global action in the face of globalization of trade, travel, information, human rights, ideas, and disease. The new global health era is more plural, comprising a number of key actors, and requiring more coordination of effort, priorities and investments. The World Health Organization (WHO) thus has played an essential role in the global governance of health and disease; due to its core universal functions of establishing, monitoring and enforcing international norms and standards.

Besides, Global health governance requires WHO leadership and effective implementation of its fundamental inclusive functions to ensure better effectiveness of all health actors. However, this reality is compromised in some circumstances.

For instance, as cited in the above letter, the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry once wrote to the WHO’s executive board claiming that Dr. Tedros spread harmful misinformation and “compromised WHO’s reputation, independence, credibility.”

The ministry’s statement called for Tedros, himself an Ethiopian, to be investigated for “misconduct and violation of his professional and legal responsibility.”

Setting the brutal massacre committed by TPLF leftovers at Afar and Amhara states such as Galicoma, China, Kobbo, Dabat and the inestimable loss of hospitals and health facilities aside, WHO chief once said, “Nowhere in the world are we witnessing a hell as in Tigray.” What does it mean, who has been making all this mess? One is not supposed to talk for the sake of talking, it is TPLF itself from where the person is hatched who did all the wrong deeds up to blocking humanitarian aid routes to garner cheap political gain and employ hunger as war.

This expression conveys a bright message to the international community as he is ethnocentrically thinking against world life unless they deliberately turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the matter. A rational mind can easily deduce from all his utterances that his professional ethics is under question to be a WHO leader either ethically or professionally as he highly preferred partisan tribal closet to globally granted responsibility. To be honest, WHO’s silence over Ethiopia’s truth is unacceptable and illegitimate since the Organization has deliberately cover up Tedros’s misconduct, irresponsible gesture and his partisan point of view.

Cognizant of the fact that Tedros is working day in and day out to attack Ethiopia in return of its effort to educate him, his country believes that his moral, legal and professional standing has threatened WHO’s organizational status quo, reputation, independence and trustworthiness.

WHO and partners have been repeatedly calling for urgent and unimpeded access to deliver humanitarian health supplies and services to the people in Tigray, it is good, but are not, the displaced people from Afar and Amhara especially, part of the world community? They should have been neutral if situations are rationally made succinct.

Surprisingly, United Nations once said the government is operating a de-facto blockade of humanitarian aid to Tigray, but it didn’t utter a word about a number of trucks holding UN plate loading terrorist warriors to and from Tigray. Hence, not only WHO, but UN reflects prejudiced stance, and either WHO or UN agencies have to be impartial as their names bespeak.

The very thing that has to be well comprehended is Tedros failed to show integrity and professionalism, and was a member of the TPLF, which dominated Ethiopian politics for nearly three decades before the reform in 2018. Hence, it is not entirely acceptable if one says Tedros doesn’t encourage terrorist TPLF. No!

A press release, the Ethiopian Permanent mission to the United Nations dispatched about Dr. Tedros Adhanom, stated that Ethiopia regrets that it was not allowed to deliver a statement on 24th of January 2022 at the 150 session of the WHO. Such an egotistical mistreatment against member country is unacceptable. “Dr. Tedros hails from Ethiopia. Ethiopia nominated him for the post of WHO Director General. It mobilized Africans and other friendly countries to support him. As soon as the conflict was initiated by TPLF, he portrayed his true colors, and chose his political affiliation to TPLF over his country.”

In the process, he betrayed his oath of office as a director general of WHO. He abused his office and the international nature of the director general to advance TPLF’s propaganda as he committed a flagrant misconduct on a routine basis. He also violated the standard of conduct for international civil service and WHO’s code of ethics.

As learnt from the press release, Dr. Tedros’s interference in a member state of WHO advocating for a party to a conflict constitutes a blatant misconduct.

Ethiopia has summited a formal complaint to the executive board of the WHO and is still waiting for the acknowledgement of the receipt its complaint. In fact, on the first day of the executive board meeting, Ethiopia was denied to explain this worrying situation. One thing should be clear. Ethiopia’s complaint neither refer to the work of WHO nor to the performance of the staff. It is solely directed to the misconduct of the Director General of WHO and the desecration of his professional and legal responsibility.

In sum, as long as WHO’s organizational credibility, reputation, independence and inclusive nature should be kept intact, all staff members especially those at the decision making and leadership positions like Dr. Tedors must be neutral resisting the trying private interests, if any.

The January 29/2022

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