Government employees’ salaries will be paid in Tele Birr

Tele Birr

It was announced that preparations are being made to transfer the salaries of government employees to the Tele Birr mobile money system.

Finance Minister Ahmed Shide said when he presented the nine-month performance of his institution to the Standing Committee on Planning, Budget and Finance of the House of People’s Representatives, that work is being done to transfer the process that is currently being paid by bank payment system to Tele Birr.

The Ministry of Finance announced that 159 budget offices have implemented the electronic payment system to increase the share of government electronic payment and make it efficient.

Ato Ahmed said that Ethio Telecom is doing reform works to enable it to fulfill the government’s share of electronic payments and for example, it has set up a system that allows the tax collection system to be paid by Tele Birr.

Following the announcement that the salaries of government employees will be paid through banks, what is the company’s preparation and potential? Ethio Telecom’s Chief Communication Officer Mr. Mesai Wubshet explained to the reporter that it would be better if the government’s issues were discussed ahead of time, but Ethio Telecom has sufficient preparation and capacity to provide the service.

Mesai added that the institute has been providing services to more than 32 million customers through its mobile money transfer service. He added that any decision can be made if it comes from the relevant body.

Stating that the payment of salaries through Tele Birr contributes to increasing the efficiency of institutions, Mr. Mesai says that the date of salary payment during vacations and holidays and related issues will enable the salary payer and the payee to pay in a convenient way.

The chief communication officer, who stated that employees can borrow up to 35 percent of their salary without collateral, explained that the company will offer other options in the future. So far, Mr. Mesai emphasized that there is no direction from the relevant body.

In this matter, the reporter spoke to an Ethiopian Commercial Bank official who stated that they have no information about such a claim. However, he explained that the bank pays the salaries of government employees through him, and does not charge any fees for this service.

He said that if it is said that salaries will be paid through Tele Birr, it is likely that Ethio Telecom is still using it through ties with banks.

From the time Ethio Telecom announced Tele Birr mobile money transfer until the month of May 2015.(E.C) He announced that he has generated 32.2 million customers, and transactions worth more than 375.2 billion birr have been completed through the service. Also, since April 16, 2015(E.C), fuel payment has to be done by Tele Birr. Since then, 2.7 billion Birr has been traded.

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