Gov’t continues providing aid across war, drought- affected areas


ADDIS ABABA– The government and aid agencies have been jointly distributing life­saving aid in both drought and war affected areas , so disclosed Government Communi­cation Service (GCS).

GCS State Minister Selamawit Kasa told media yesterday that the drought in Somali state and in Borena Zone of Oromia state has killed significant number of cattle.

“Now, the government is working on con­trolling the situation and saving human lives. Lifesaving humanitarian aid has been delivered to those in need and further tasks to deliver additional aids are being carried out,” she said.

According to Selamawit, some 3.3 million people across the drought- hit states deserve urgent humanitarian assistance. About 558,000 quintals of food aid have been dis­tributed up to the last December. Aid agen­cies like FAO are actively engaging in sup­port of the drought affected communities, it was learnt.

The situation in the drought and war affect­ed areas could not be managed with solo responsibility of the government. Therefore, she called on humanitarian organizations and the whole Ethiopians to play their role in saving the lives of these communities.

In related news, the state minister said that the government has been working on easing humanitarian aid transportation into Tigray state.

Amidst the war with terrorist TPLF, the government has allowed humanitarian agen­cies to deliver food and medical equipment though the outlaw group is still hindering the movement of aid trucks, Selamawit said.

The current TPLF-invasion of Abala Zone of Afar state has blocked the only passage of aid trucks to Tigray state, as to her.

However,humanitarian flights have been continued and over 41 humanitarian flights have been carried out since last July to Tig­ray , she noted.

The February 3/2022

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