Gov’t, private sector partner to restore Kombolcha pre-war status


ADDIS ABABA – Kombolcha Industry and Investment Bureau said extensive activities have been carried out to rebuild and restore the damaged factories and other facilities that were raided by the terrorist TPLF and help the town to its pre-war status.

Bureau Head Abayenh Ababa told local media that relevant government agencies have been partnered with the private sector to restore the affected facilities and enable them to provide service that excels from the pre- war status. Among the 32 factories damaged and looted by the rebellious faction in Kombolcha, 11 were operational.

The bureau head further noted that the dissidents also disassembled machinery from several factories and took them away to Tigray. A research indicated that the total damage TPLF forces caused in Kombolcha estimated to over three-billion-Birr. Similarly, the outlawed clique targeted service providing institutions and triggered a 70-million-Birr damage in a five-star hotel which was being built in the outlay of 180 million Birr.

The hotel owner Mekonene Birhanu highlighted that TPLF remnants mainly engaged in robbing public and private properties and quenching their trust for material possessions. “We lost property, but our brothers and sisters sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Property damage could be replaced shortly as long as we work diligently. The government extends commendable support to the private sector to get back to business.”

Ahmed Yimam, engaged in building materials business, expressed his observation that shops, hotels, markets, hospitals, drugstores and service providing institutions are largely reopened in Kombolcha and displaced citizens also returned in a great number to their homes.

Another Kombolcha resident Mohammed Ali said for his part that the threat the terrorist enterprise posed on their wellbeing is greatly reversed and they are now able to pursue daily lives without fear.

The January 4/2022

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