Gov’t reaffirms commitment to ensuring nationwide lasting peace

ADDIS ABABA – Every measure taken by the Ethiopian government in relation to the current situation are aimed at bringing about lasting peace across the country, so said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.).

During the course of yesterday’s emergency meeting with lawmakers , Premier Abiy stated that Ethiopia has benefited greatly from the government’s decisions on the current situation, particularly from the release of the high-profile prisoners.

The Premier also said that the government released the prisoners to bring lasting peace, taking into consideration the overall situation of the prisoners and to consolidate country’s victory on the battlefield.

“We must be cautious not to fall prey to the enemy’s scheme. We should look for a way to win, rather than following the path that our enemies have set for us,” he further indicated.

As to Abiy, in a war, there is no such thing as a total triumph. When one party wins a combat while the other party is momentarily defeated, this is known as temporary victory. In turn, the defeated party would resurrect and assault.

As a result, true triumph necessitates victory in the realm of peace, the Premier said, adding that this decision has greatly helped Ethiopia. “We must not compromise on decisions for the lasting good of the country.”

Talking about the main objective of terrorist TPLF’s recent aggression on Afar , he said that it is not to attack the people of Afar, but to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching the Tigray state and falsely accuse the federal government for starving the people of Tigray. To alleviate the situation, the federal government is working closely with the state government of Afar, he added.

Regarding the terrorist Shene group, PM Abiy noted that the group does not have a political endgame and does not respect the sacred human life. Although security forces are deployed throughout the area, Shene avoids engaging in direct combat but rather slaughters innocent people, he added.

As to the Premier, fighters of the terrorist group appear strengthened since they had found a lot of trainers and hide amongst communities. “We need to approach the communities, hold discussions and work out solutions.”


23 FEBRUARY 2022

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