Great Ethiopian Home Coming Challenge; a move that debunks western media lies

Ethiopians and foreign nationals including Africans have been standing up for the truth by defending Ethiopia in the face of unfair international treatment. To counter the unwarranted pressure, the Ethiopian Diasporas residing in every corner of the world have been partaking in different campaigns. Moreover, foreign nationals have been joining Ethiopia’s causes to foil the imperialist thoughts of the west. External threats have brought Ethiopians and the oppressed peoples of the world to come together and wage a just war against the interventionist policies of the modern-day imperialists.

Some forces in the West have been trying to impose their interests in Ethiopia in different ways. For instance, with the help of some biased countries, the issues of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the situation in Tigray state have been brought to the United Nations Security Council. These matters are technical and internal ones respectively.

The politicization and internationalization of these issues are part of the ongoing pressure against Ethiopia. To defend Ethiopia’s interest in international platforms, Ethiopians along with the other nationals have been engaged in counter efforts.

With the ongoing ‘#NoMore movements and other social media campaigns, Ethiopia has become a symbol of African resistance against foreign intervention once again. It also continues to be a rally behind the figure in the quest for sovereignty and full independence from the West. Ethiopian and African voices help Ethiopia turn the tide on defamatory media propaganda and counter the digital media warfare waged against the country.

Lately, some of the leaders of the #NoMore campaign and African journalists and activists came to Ethiopia and nullified the western’s media propaganda. The coming of Ethiopians and other nationals to Ethiopia as part of the Great Ethiopian Home Coming expose some media propaganda.

Previously, some biased media outlets have reported that Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, was unsecured and unstable. In a move that debunked the media lies, renowned activists have come to Ethiopia.

Accordingly, high-level government officials and renowned public figures have accorded a warm welcome to journalist Hermela Aregawi, an American journalist of Ethiopian origin on her arrival at Bole International Airport in recognition of her relentless efforts in exposing the truth on the conflict in the northern part of the country and her latest contributions in organizing the No More rallies.

The journalist was accorded a memorable welcome by Olympic legend Haile Gebreselassie and senior officials at the Airport.

Hermela has been actively denouncing and exposing the evil acts and atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF apart from engaging in the ‘#NoMore’ movement to oppose undue pressures of some western countries on Ethiopia.

Upon arrival, the journalist lauded those who warmly welcomed her at the airport and vowed to continue standing alongside Ethiopia and fight against the improper meddling of Western powers in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian diaspora’s overwhelming response to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed #Great Homecoming Challenge unmasked the corporate media’s trademark lies. “They call the Ethiopian government made to Diaspora to come back home to celebrate religious festivities initiated me to do so and meet some Diaspora members, said Obang Metho speaking to a local media.

As to him, the terrorist TPLF clique has disseminated false information through paid Western media with a view to misleading the international community. “Even the U.S. Embassy every morning posted a message urging its citizens to ‘leave Addis Ababa before the commercial flight stops functioning’; this has been done intentionally to create insecurity to citizens and foreign nationals alike.”

The real goal of this Western conspiracy is to hurt Ethiopia economically and present the country as if it is not safe to live in. Hence, the people of Ethiopia at home and aboard should stand in unison to overcome the pressing challenges our homeland has currently faced, Obang pleaded.

“We Ethiopians are coming to Ethiopia in millions to make the statement that by and large Ethiopia is at peace, and Ethiopia is open for business. And the other point is that not only when it is joy, but also when Ethiopia has got difficulties that we support it. We may be British or Europeans; at the end of the day, we are Ethiopians. This is our home,” said Zelalem Tessema, a member of the diaspora from the UK speaking to ENA.

According to him, the diaspora is here to uplift and support Ethiopia to get out of the difficulty it is facing politically, financially, and in public relations.

The other member of the diaspora from the same country, Zelalem Getahun said on his part the objective of the homecoming of the diaspora is to show solidarity and support to Ethiopia while some Western countries are asking their citizens to get out of Ethiopia.

The coming of the diaspora to Ethiopia will send a message to the international community that the country is in peace and working to eradicate poverty, he added.

He further stated that the diaspora has been providing correct information to the international community about the reality in Ethiopia, responding to the false information that is being disseminated by the digital media of the terrorist TPLF.

“We have been providing the correct information to the world. The TPLF digital army has been misinforming the public. So, we are trying to tell the truth about what is going on in Ethiopia. While we are staying here, we will document what is going on here or what the facts are on the ground to show them to the public using the social media.”

Apart from journalists and activists, some Africans including the first runner-up in the beauty pageant in Ghana, Dr. Setor Abra Norgbe who promoted Ethiopia in regional and international platforms are invited to visit Ethiopia.

She arrived in Addis Ababa last Wednesday to celebrate Christmas /Genna/ and Ethiopian Epiphany festivals. Senior government officials and others welcomed her warmly at Bole International Airport.

“I am happy to be here at this time to celebrate Christmas and Epiphany (Ethiopian Genna) in Ethiopia,” the beauty pageant added.

She is a medical, psychiatrist, and author who participated in the beauty pageant in Ghana to promote Ethiopian history and culture. During her stay, she would visit various historic sites across the country.

She said that she was impressed by the feedback from Ethiopians where she introduced Ethiopian culture and history. “I will celebrate Christmas /Genna/ with my Ethiopian brothers and sisters. I am happy about it.”

As Ethiopia is a non-colonial African country, we cannot talk about African unity without mentioning Ethiopia. Ethiopia, the seat of the African Union, is the heartbeat of all Africans. Last September, she was praised by many for presenting Ethiopian history and culture on a reality show attended by many people.

Ethiopian Diasporas and supporters of the NoMore movements are expected to take part in all activities organized by the Ethiopian government and show their solidarity financially and politically to victims of the terrorist TPLF.



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