Great Ethiopian Run signals messages of unity, peace


ADDIS ABABA- The Great Ethiopian Run has conveyed messages of unity, peace and environmental protection, said Participants and Activists in their Twitter pages.

During her stay with SABC News ,the Great Ethiopian Run General Manager Dagmawit Amare said that the Great Ethiopian Run is all about celebrating unity, love and togetherness with Ethiopian.

On the occasion , one of the runners Akinyi Walenda said that : “ I am running for peace and it is good to see many people come out and enjoying themselves. We are going to difficult time in the last one year, so that’s why wanted to come out today.”

What does the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa say about Sunday’s Addis Ababa Street Race? American citizens may be told to leave, said Activist Suleiman Abdella in his twitter page.

The Great Ethiopian Run is an annual event  that brings thousands of people to run with a purpose. This year, the 10km race carried a message of Unity, Peace and Environmental protection. The World See and including International Media Ethiopians are heading to Peaceful Journey of all the challenges, said participants.

In his social media ,activist Idris M. Sanusi said Ethiopia will remain strong and proud of its children. The runners’ perfect alignment of red, yellow and green matches Ethiopia’s flag. Also, the modern skyline of Addis is impressive. Looks like Dubai or New York City, said Zemedeneh Nigatu,global chairman of the Fairfax Africa Fund, in his social media page.

In connection of the event , prime Minister Abiy stated that the Great Ethiopian Run is playing a great role in promoting unity and peace among Ethiopians by bringing thousands of Ethiopians to run for peace, love and partnership over the last 20 years, as reported ENA.

The event has been creating harmony among all Ethiopians irrespective of their religion and ethnic background, Abiy stated. “The Great Ethiopian Run has been bringing together citizens who could not be able to celebrate religious holidays and other ethnic based national events together.”

The January 25/2022

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