H.R. 6600 bill most malicious humanitarian imperialism: Andrew Korybko

ADDIS ABABA – American political Analyst said that America’s humanitarian imperialism has always been malicious and over 110 million people will be collectively punished as part of the U.S.’ tacit regime change campaign against PM Abiy motivated by its desire to punish him for bravely refusing to kowtow to Washington’s pressure that he chooses its side over China’s in the new cold war.

The political analyst Andrew Korybko, in his piece of writing on Ethiopian Citizen has said that Prime Minister of Ethiopia has set a shining example of the multipolar trends that are in progress all across Africa. Even though, the U.S. government is actually implemented de facto measures such as censuring of prominent activists from the #NoMore movement.

Describing about allegations [by U.S. government] of human right violations, he wrote that it is very fact that the Ethiopian Government has already done all of this doesn’t matter to the U.S. government.

“Ethiopian Stabilization, Peace and Democratization Act’s (ESPDA) purpose is to collectively punish its population in order to lay the seeds for a Color Revolution against PM Abiy for “Bonification” ends. It’s thus not without reason that the current conflict can more accurately be described as the U.S.-led West’s Hybrid war of terror on Ethiopia.”

America is manipulating perceptions about Ethiopia’s anti-terrorist operations to misportray the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) and its commander-in-chief Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as bloodthirsty genocidal maniacs, he stated.

This is all intended to create the false pretext upon which to publicly pressure international lending institutions and Ethiopia’s donors into suspending their support until the government capitulates to the U.S.’ demands, he noted.

He further added that the US’s H.R. 6600 bill will likely lead to further hardships for average Ethiopians with time though the consequences could be mitigated through support from its close Russian, Chinese, and other partners.



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