H.R. 6600 threatens ordinary Ethiopians, hampers humanitarian delivery



ADDIS ABABA- On many levels, the U.S. Congress H.R. 6600 bill is going to affect not only the Ethiopian government Per se, but also ordinary citizens without any indication to resolve the northern conflict, Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) claimed.

Speaking to local media, EACC Chairperson Deacon Yosef Teferisaid the bill would bring nothing constructive to the crisis in Ethiopia despite the much-publicized claims. The H.R. 6600 is an extremely dangerous move that the Ethiopian government needs to be determined to react in convincing the U.S. lawmakers to block it.

Yosef further noted that the proposed resolution is a complete sanction that would hurt Ethiopia as a whole and worsen the humanitarian condition in the war-affected Amhara, Afar, and Tigray states. From the humanitarian perspective, the new bill is very devastative.

Ethiopian Diasporas have sent fact sheets that inform the devastating impact of the H.R.6600 to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and have made consolidated attempts to convince the U.S. lawmakers not to pass the ill-intended bill.

“Diaspora Ethiopians are asking members of the Congress not to support this bill, not to co-sponsor it, and if in fact if it comes onto the House floor for a vote that they need to say that this is a very damaging and unnecessary resolution to earn their vote.

“We Ethiopians, particularly in the Diaspora, need to unite as we have done in the past when we passed HR 128 and purged out HR 4350. I have no stronger appeal to the government to say you need to make this thing a diplomatic priority number one, because it will disrupt everything.”

It is not just World Bank and IMF, the bill subscribes to 12 of the largest financial institutions to become on the same page and blocking funds for Ethiopia andeven prohibits private companies investing in the country and hampers technology transfer.

“I urge the Ethiopian government to really see the danger of this thing and assign some seasoned diplomats to come and meet with some congressional members.” The EACC urged Ethiopians, particularly in the Diaspora, to unite as they have done in the past, and to speak in one voice calling up their representatives and express their disapproval of the resolution and directly asking their representative not to support it, the chairperson pleaded.

The March 10/2022

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