Haile hopes Nat’l dialogue to end violent conflicts

ADDIS ABABA – The new National Dialogue agenda would hopefully end violent conflicts, if it mainly revolves around Ethiopians core issues of disparity such as flag, constitution and roots of racial and political divisions, so stated Haile Gebreselasie, the legendary Ethiopian long-distance runner.

Speaking to The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), the Athlete said that the new national dialogue is a civilized approach to resolve the root causes of the problems heaped in Ethiopia and help come up with lasting peace and reach common understanding on the aforesaid national issues. Therefore, the trained citizens take such measures because it has a potential to narrow the gaps and keep the country’s sustainable peace.

According to Haile, the round table discussions should be clear, inclusive and precise without wasting time for various shillyshally reasons. Personal interests in the discussion have to be avoided; instead national matters have to come to the forefront thereby having a stable and democratic nation.

He further stated that deciding to hold a national dialogue is a great step by itself. Therefore, the dialogue should be inclusive of mass representatives, religious leaders, the elderly, merchants, pensioners, and so on.

“The government should keep the good beginning of the national dialogue preconditions. However, this appreciable activity needs to be cascaded down to the grassroots level. Besides, the new national dialogue commission is expected to effectively discharge all great national responsibilities as it is highly duty-bound in this regard,” Haile noted.



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