Haile’s message on educating woman


ADDIS ABABA—As educating a woman means educating the family, the society, and changing the nation at a larger scale, rural as well as urban communities should send girls and women to school, said Major Haile Gebreslassie, Olympic Gold Medalist.

Holding talks with UNICEF, he said that community throughout the country need to send girls to school as educating women means educating the whole nation.

“Education plays a vital role in improving human life, and the motto, ‘Education for All’ should be the main agenda and promoted among the society. Besides, when education is well expanded throughout the country, everybody starts benefiting out of it. It is also a weapon to get families, communities, and even nation prospered in the future,” he commented.

 Educated women may obtain better jobs, and therefore make more money at the same time they can benefit their community and country as much as possible in terms of economy.

As to him, education is a turning point of women empowerment because it enables them to respond to myriads of challenges, to confront with traditional style thereby changing their life and that of their children. It is cornerstone for the empowerment of women.

“Half of the population of our society is women. With regard to girls, we all should to do all our best to help women and girls reach their full potential. We have to consider what we do for women, as we have done for ourselves and for our country,” he noted.

The March 10/2022

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