Haste thee haste, Brother!


Get up body the race is on

Tardiness and laziness are gone.

Don’t bother for what is done

Bid it farewell, it gains you none.

Ward off soon unabated enemy

He is merciless for you and for me.

He is for today, nothing for tomorrow

His is happy now, his future is sorrow.

Flex your muscles and furiously attack

Chase him away, never to come back.

Stand up to his roar

Never yield to his threat,

Firmly close your door

Prove your victory is met.

He might rob your property

Until nothing is left,

He doesn’t know your integrity

He is good only at lies and theft.

He goes around rampaging

To devour whatever comes in his way,

Runs like a mad dog killing and damaging

He never settles, nor has a place to stay.

Do not give him rest

Deny him joyful time,

Brother, haste thee haste

Make him regret for his crime.

 I know he doesn’t understand

Your good intention to save him,

You are noble, your ideas grand

He knows you not, can’t even dream.

Jealousy in his blood and breed

But never can he ever succeed.

He vowed to humiliate and dishonor you

If need be, you can retaliate and react, too.

The journey is long

Too far is the destination,

Do not languish, but be strong

Cling to honesty and dedication.

Though the world unanimously conspires

It is short-lived, the hoax soon expires

 It seem too close, yet not around

It can’t show up, remains underground.

Haste thee brother, never be too tardy

All are behind you, everyone and everybody.

When all are in one accord

For development we’ll be on board

To uphold the unity of motherland

We’re committed to labor hand-in-hand.

Even though difficult to win fraternity

It beckons us to claim our unity.

Hurry! Hurry! We’re running out of time

Torturous is the steep, tiresome becomes the climb.

Nothing at all should draw us back

In oneness there is nothing we lack.

 Let us share all what we have

Help the needy, feed those that starve.

White is white, black is black

To the desolate, turn not your back.

Don’t remain aloof, mix with the group

Condescend yourself and learn to stoop.

All are equal no less, no more

Remove pride and cast it offshore.

Let’s live in peace and in favored harmony

discard arrogance, do away with hegemony.

On unity, solid rock, we stand

All other ground is sinking sand.

The concept distant higher than the sky

Yet, you will understand it all by and by.

Keep indoors your family and relatives

Enemy can be friend if truth he perceives.

Haste thee haste! Hurry to your goal

Watch your steps lest you suddenly fall.

Write is right and left is wrong

Keep your head up and be strong.

Haste thee haste! You’re not on furlough

How hard you strive, you may falter, though.

Nevertheless, do not tarry, Brother, haste thee haste

At the end of the day, you can relish Unity’s taste.

Those who honestly aspire and succeed ever

They can reap the fruits of their labor together.

The January 26/2022

 Racist let us kill a great nation


If made to have

An axe to grind

Rubbing with nails

A social scar

Left behind,

Ethnic groups

Itching to go for

One another’s throat

Hard may not be

To find.

With the aim to gain

Cheap popularity

By using impish trick

Employing scare tactic

To hack social fabric

Phony politicians

Exhume the hatchet

Among ethnic groups

To blow

Previous petty clashes

Out of proportion

From the groups’

Time-old Chemistry

And the Chemistry’s

Good side

Deflecting attention.

“Dislodge that

Ethnic group

From its abode,

Which must fall

In our fold.

 Burn others’

Houses and churches

Forget the

Fear of God

Demographic engineering

Is instrumental

In ethnic cleansing.

We must do that

With a single swoop

If it is our wont

To win in our region

A majority vote.

Wipe out

Ethnic group

Any other

Than ours

None is better.”

“Population boom,

Coupled with

Resource depletion,

Could court our

 Race’s extinction

This justifies

Others’ extermination.

Even those

That palisaded

With bone and blood

The nation

And to hand it down

To this generation

Who cared

Must not be spared.

External support

We could get

From those

For various advantages

More than willing

Revolution to export.”

“Shall we conclude

To Auschwitz

We must allude! The January 26/2022

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