Heroic patience amid series of terrorist TPLF’s betrayals


Before the Ethiopian government launched a law enforcement operation in the Tigray state, the terrorist TPLF group has been committing a series of treacherous acts to destabilize and disintegrate the country.

From orchestrating violence in a different part of the country to attacking the northern command of Ethiopia Ethiopian National Defense Forces, the group betrayed the country it ruled for 27 years. Besides, the refusal to join the Prosperity Party and the holding of illegal elections in Tigray state had fractured the relationship between the Ethiopian government and the terrorist TPLF clique.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian government has been consistent in its stand in trying to bring the group on board to the path of peace. These and other corrupt behaviors of the clique forced the Ethiopian government to launch a law enforcement operation against the group. TPLF’s mistakes brought unimaginable pain to the Tigray people.

Later, the clique rejected the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire enacted by the Ethiopian government leading to the withdrawal of the Ethiopian military from Tigray. On the contrary, the group invaded the Amhara and Afar states killing thousands of civilians and destroying livelihoods and infrastructures. Though causing unspeakable atrocities during its brief stay in both states, the terrorist group was defeated and pushed back by the Ethiopian military under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s leadership.

Despite the dramatic reversal of terrorist TPLF’s invasion, the Ethiopian government ordered its army to not enter Tigray. This according to many experts gives peace a chance and the Tigray people a moment of silence. As the saying goes old habit dies hard, the terrorist TPLF group is however mobilizing the Tigray youth to continue fighting.

While giving chance in the Tigray state, as part of ensuring lasting peace, the Ethiopian government has begun facilitating the process for national dialogue and released opposition party leaders. Officials regarding the release of prisoners have come up with a number of justifications.

Addressing the challenges in a civilized manner is the government’s utmost priority, said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in his statement last Friday He went on to say, though applying a peaceful way to resolving problems seems a daunting task, it immensely reduces human and material damages as well as helps to allocate the human power and budget that could be spent on war to development.

“Peace cannot be achieved with the interest of one side alone. Despite our unreserved patience and efforts for a peaceful settlement of the problem, the heart of the enemy has not been changed; instead, it continued with its arrogance.”

“There are red lines that should not be violated by any means of peace, forgiveness, and love. Any solution that divides the national unity violates the dignity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and endangers the territorial integrity of the nation is unacceptable,” he added.

The terrorist TPLF had conspired to divide Ethiopia’s national unity, attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force in collaboration with its foreign accomplices to jeopardize the nation’s dignity and sovereignty, the PM stated.

As a result of this, the enemies of Ethiopia were able to have reasons to twist our hands as they wish.

However, Ethiopians, who are the sources of our strength and pride, were not defeated easily. It is successfully defending the attacks orchestrated in the two directions.

Anyone who seeks the path of treason and division will inevitably face the punishment of Ethiopians, the PM said.

‘We will consolidate our effort in a multifaceted manner to sustain our victory in a way that could never be reversed. In order to sustain our victories, we will also make efforts to conclude it with political and peaceful ways,” he stated.

The decision of the government to release some prisoners was made by taking into consideration the inclusiveness of the national dialogue as well as humanity and compassion, said the Ministry of Justice.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Justice Minister Gedion Timothewos said humanity and the need for ensuring the inclusiveness of the national dialogue were taken into account in releasing the prisoners.

He explained that amnesty is different from a pardon in that amnesty is extended to persons who are subject to prosecution but not yet convicted, whereas a pardon is granted to a person who has already been convicted.

Persons are pardoned by the Board of Pardons and granted by the president as per the law.

Accordingly, the release of prisoners by the government is neither pardon nor amnesty, but termination of proceedings, the minister added.

The termination of proceedings was effected on three case files, two of them under Jawar Mohammed and Eskinder Nega.

The decision to drop the charges in both files was made ahead of the national dialogue in order to make it more inclusive and participatory since the two individuals are political party leaders with many followers, he stated.

The minister stressed that national dialogue is conducted once over many years and such an inclusive dialogue has never taken place in Ethiopia.

Humanity and compassion were taken into account in the release of some six individuals under the third case file of the terrorist TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael.

The released prisoners have health problems and are old. The legal proceedings of the remaining prisoners will continue as they gave military and political orders, according to the minister. The released prisoners were not also members of the executive committee of TPLF.

The justice minister further explained the need for applying a transitional reform framework in the objective reality of Ethiopia instead of the regular justice system.

Gedion noted that resolving the national crises, which are being reflected by the community and no more by the political elite alone, from passing to the coming generation it is crucial to hold dialogue rather than sticking to vindictive justice.

By the same token, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed highlighted the importance of national dialogue.

While conveying christmas message, the premier highlighted the planned national reconciliation would have paramount importance in restraining the existing and emerging challenges the country has been encountering including the 13-month northern conflict triggered by TPLF belligerence.

The Premier noted in his message that anti-peace elements have made repeated attempts to disrupt the peace of the country and instigate conflicts with a view to harming the longstanding culture of peaceful coexistence. “Ethiopia managed to curtail these destructive attempts capitalized on the much-cherished social values and successfully counter efforts to erode these values.”

As to him, due to these social values, Ethiopia was able to preserve its existence and overcome attempts of destructive forces working in tandem with foreign enemies. Despite Ethiopia having been encountered mounting challenges, it managed to scent hope, peace, and prosperity.

The Prime Minister further highlighted the importance of conducting national reconciliation with the purpose of addressing the pressing challenges that were intensified by the terrorist TPLF treasonous attack of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces. “The reconciliation would make Ethiopia advantageous as it helps to ensure national unity.”

The national reconciliation will also prevent the destructive attempts of the terrorists TPLF and Shene as well as the evil wishes of Ethiopia’s historical enemies.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the newly built state-of-the-art Ethiopian army headquarters, Prime Minister Abiy said that Ethiopians should learn from these series of mistakes the terrorist TPLF group committed.

The January 11/2022

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