High time to establish Pan-African media

Africa has been neglected in the very important global political, economic, and social affairs. Its member states are highly exposed to some international media houses’ massive misinformation campaign in the name of democracy and human rights protections. Reports of some international media houses such as CNN, BBC, and Aljazeera clearly show that they give no attention for Africa and Africans, other than serving their own interests.

These international media houses always occupy themselves busy with transmitting distorted and fake stories and portraying Africa wrongly to the international community as if it is war-ravaged, disease-ridden and poverty-stricken continent which is at all times reliant on western assistances. Sadly enough, most success stories of Africa and its achievements will not have the coverage of those international organizations due to their distorted and biased policies.

However, children of Africa and African lovers from all walks of life have been undertaking different movements to echo Africa’s voice in the global arena. They urged to counter such intentionally fabricated fake news propagation in structured and unceasing mechanisms.

For instance, the reports that had been disseminated by the CNN, BBC and Aljazeera with regard to the Ethiopian law enforcement measures taken against the devilish terrorist TPLF group clearly exhibit the real objectives of the international media houses.

These media organizations are not ashamed of presenting biased, promotional, and war provocative reports to the international community. Following this, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis, and all Africans across the world said #NoMore western media conspiracy on Africa and Africans.

Recently, the 35th Ordinary Session of Assembly of Heads of State and Government of African Union (AU) held in Addis Ababa and have been successfully concluded passing important decisions and directives that are critical to resolve continent’s challenges and advancing its progresses. This Summit has given emphasis for achieving sustainable development, peace and stability in Africa.

More importantly, it has deliberated stressing the dire need of Africa’s permanent representation and seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the establishment of a Pan-African media.

It is said that the launch of a Pan-African media station will attach great importance in overcoming the challenges facing Africa and portraying the image of the continent to the rest of the world.

Speaking at the Summit, AU’s newly elected Chairperson and Senegalese President Macky Sall said that the Union is ready to provide substantiate support for the idea of having a Pan-African Media. “AU extends unreserved support for Pan-African Media establishment.

Establishing a Pan-Africa media is imperative to counterbalance fake reportages that represent Africa as a continent troubled by civil wars, hunger, corruption, greed, disease, the Chairperson underscored.

AU Chairperson, hence, said that he strongly supports the idea of establishing a Pan-African Media organ that will be one of the biggest media houses in the world and able to convey the voice of Africans in 24 hours through broadcasting and printing way.

“Having Pan-African Media is key to advocating Africa’s stance in the world, building our own narrative, transmitting appropriate information about Africa, and showing the positive side of the continent. Establishing Pan-African Media is significant and requires all Africans to push it further to become reality.”

According to him, the Pan-African Media is vital to disclose the success stories of women and youths, governments that are working tirelessly to modernize the continent and put Africa in the appropriate place in world stages, to talk about African literature, culture, identity, scientists, and the future of Africa.

The African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat for his part said that AU is committed to realizing the proposal of owning a Pan-African Media that is necessary to perform various tasks.

“It is important to improve the negative narrations of the continent. More importantly, we need the Pan-African Media to express our identity, vision, interest, cultures, the Africa what we want projects and so on,” he said.

In his opening speech at the 35th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) stated that the idea of having a well-organized Pan-African Media and fair representation of the continent on important international bodies like the UNSC is vital to reflect Africa’s matters at the international stage.

Accordingly, having a permanent seat at the UNSC helps to redress historical injustice of Africa and the establishment of continental level media house will brought tangible changes in stimulating Africa’s untapped potentials in various sectors.

Africa is often portrayed in the international media negatively. The endless representation as a continent troubled by civil wars, hunger, corruption, greed, disease and poverty is demeaning and dehumanizing and likely driven by a calculated strategy and agenda.

In addition, having a Pan-African media immensely helps to combat misleading stereotypes against Africa. Realizing the establishment of a Pan-African Media will improve Africa’s media representation on the international stage.

As to the Premier, this stereotypical and negative media representation of Africa not only misinforms the rest of the world about our continent, but also shapes the way Africans see themselves as Africans. “Telling our own stories and shaping our own narratives must be our top priority.”

In sum, it is high time to establish a Pan-African Media and become voice for millions of voiceless Africans. The establishment of an African Union continental media house could be organized to provide authoritative news and information regarding the continent to fight disinformation; promote Africans’ collective agenda, and offer opportunities for Pan-African voice to be resonated and heard loud.



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