High time to say ‘No to neocolonialism in Africa’: Scholar


ADDIS ABABA—As the misguided policy of the west is pushing Ethiopia into the brink of war that threatens the whole region, the continent has to say no to neocolonialism, so said Executive Director of the Institute for Horn of Africa Strategic Studies.

In his opinion published in The , the Executive Director Prof. Abdiwahab Sheikh said terrorist TPLF isn’t solely responsible for the current strife but the western power that are also sponsoring, advising and providing crucial equipment like trucks and weapons under the guise of delivering aid should also be held responsible for any fatality that have occurred in Ethiopia and any future unrest.

Prof. Abdiwahab, who is also an Analyst at South link Consultants, said: “The recent Ethiopia’s prolonged crisis was orchestrated by the hired western media which are fond of destructing Ethiopia as they did on Libya. They would continue to do so until Ethiopia falls, then they move on to their next target which is likely to be my home nation Kenya or others. Enough is enough, the continent must voice up.”

If the west continues at the same rate, there will be a prolonged civil war in Ethiopia and consequently it will cost hundreds of thousands of death in the region and there will be a refugee high influx.

They deployed known intelligence officers to Ethiopia disguised as journalists and published hundreds of articles in the news sources such as New York Times to tarnish Ethiopian government image.

“African continent needs to be on guard, in the past under colonization they had stolen our natural resources, they did not make their intention clear, now they came in the pretext of civilizing us for them we are backward people in the continent, the same is happening now the mission is the same, but the tactics have changed finally as the way they come to Ethiopia. They also portray terrorist TPLF as better alternative while Ethiopia’s democratically elected government as a regime that should be deposed.”

As to him, lack of single permanent voice and seat on the UN Security council encourages the western to do anything they want to choose including attempting to topple legitimate government in the region as what is currently being attempted in Ethiopia.

“Sanctions have been tools of western… (the U.S.) to advance their interest; so it is time for the continent to embark on the way aiming at countering the unjust and illegal sanction,” he said.

According to him, since the west and the U.S. are going to destroy African nations turn by turn (one country today another country tomorrow), the whole continent must seriously condemn the spirit of neocolonialism saying, “Enough is enough!”



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