Historian applauds China’s principled stance



ADDIS ABABA – The great secret of China’s growing popularity in Africa is its non-interference approach in internal affairs of sovereign nations, its stance against imperialism and firm determination for development, an activist and peace organizer opined.

Having stayed with Breakthrough media, History Professor at New Mexico State University Kenneth J. Hammond said that said that the historical nature of western colonizers has incorporated a system to ensure a larger economic spectrum at the expense of resources of the developing world such as Africa. However, China only depends on a win-win style of centering development.

The scholar noted that China’s program always helps some 1.4 billion people improve livelihood, develop local national economies via making true partners across the world. Consolidating peaceful partnership and buttressing the national economy is the significant nature of China’s strategy.

Kenneth further elucidated: “For example, in the Berlin Conference 1884, the western planned to peacefully divide Africa as part of the nature of colonizers even they have operated military power to many African countries in a bid to control every activity though this activity results in violation of nations’ sovereignty and imposes a negative impact on Africa. Nonetheless, such a mere hegemonic approach does not exist on the side of China; instead the country has insisted on trade and development in the countries it has established bilateral ties with.”

According to him, China has been very conscious of the relationship of the US and western as well as developing countries to serve self-interest through intensifying very lucrative financial institutions, mobilizing capital resources, promoting infrastructure development, trade exchange and the like. It has been engaging in different development sectors and acting against imperialism. “This  is similar with Ethiopia’s strong stance of opposing unwelcomed foreign interference, commitment to ensure mutual benefit and combat imperialism for the sake of preserving national interest.”

Unfortunately, such a sacred move is not entertained on the part of the U.S. or some western colonial powers. The western politicians have on the contrary accused China of being imperialist in the African continent.

“China has been the most advanced with sophisticated economic trajectory in the world in the course of changing the industrial revolution for centuries, but western countries use a monopolizing approach to succeed in economic superiority, and employ military operations to obtain political leverage,” the academician remarked.

The January 11/2022

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