Historian lambasts U.S. loss of strategic ally Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA- The U.S. egoistic interest has cost its strategic ally Ethiopia in the wrong course of action to preserve its ego interest, so remarked Analyst and Historian.

Speaking to the Voice of Eritrean DC, Thomas C Mountain said that the U.S. has lost a bigger strategic partner Ethiopia due to the wrong course of activities it carried out to realize its hidden interest. In this regard, the U.S. has put sanctions on Eritrea starting from around 2000 and now on Ethiopia.

The historian further noted that sanctions against countries have two ways either official or unofficial. But the second type of sanction damages the economy where behind the scenes the U.S. and their neo-colonial imperial powers slacking at the UN stab in the back by undermining all sorts of options.

As to him, now Ethiopia is completely broken with the U.S. and looking to China for their fair share of the natural resources. However, this is the major threat for the U.S. and EU, because they assumed economically dominant is military dominant depending on their point of view.

Simply, the U.S. government has a great ambition to intervene on sovereign nations thereby supporting the terrorist group to realize its hidden interest. That is why the terrorist TPLF attacked the Northern National Defense Force(ENDF) stationed in Tigray state on Nov 04, 2020.

“The terrorist group also expands its invasion to the neighboring Amhara and Afar states and the cause of many murders, looting and property damage,” Thomas C Mountain elaborated.



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