Historian underlines passing Adwa victory’s values down to posterity

An historian from United Kingdom (UK) stated that Ethiopia has to pass down the essence of the victory of Adwa to make the new generation committed than ever before to defend their country.

Having a stay with The , British Historian Specializing in Ethiopia with a focus on the Italian occupation, Ian Campbell said that promoting the Adwa victory and others require institutions like Ethiopian Patriot Association. The new generations ) have heard very amazing stories on what their grandfathers/mothers did at battle of Adwa and aftermaths.

As the young generations surprisingly know little about what happened in Ethiopia because anything occurred 50 years ago sounds like medieval history, organizations like Ethiopian Patriot Association, a lobbying body to increase awareness for the part of Ethiopians’ patriots story hardly known to Ethiopians, have to be consolidated.

Ethiopia set to celebrate 126th anniversary of Adwa victory over Italian colonial power. The Ethiopian forces defeated the Italian invading force on Sunday 1 March 1896, and the decisive victory thwarted the campaign of the Kingdom of Italy to expand its colonial empire in the Horn of Africa.

Talking about the reasons for the Italian reinvasion of Ethiopia which took place in October 1935, he said that Italy wanted Ethiopian resources like Iron ore, and metal gold which is not available in Italy with a view to building military manufacturing Industry and employing the manpower to form what it called “The Black Army” which could invade other countries, all the way to Balkan States, Creating the New Roman Empire.

So the real reasons was nothing to do with Adwa and nothing to do with civilization but it was a geo political reason that brought

 Benito Mussolini to Ethiopia, he said pointing than Mussolini had specific reason to come here to Expand the Neo-Roman Empire which remained unsuccessful following Ethiopians unwavering struggle.

“The whole subject of the Italian Invasion of Ethiopia actually was missing from the Italian collective memory, the missing link was created in Italy that Fascism was something very good, and the Italian soldiers were benign in their behavior and behave very well received in Ethiopia, which in fact was not true at all.”

“The young generation can be very surprised to hear about their grandfathers and grandmothers’ deeds and all these amazing actions. The internet changed completely the situation. The information is now freely available to access and know the truth what happen in Ethiopia. Hence, it is the reason why Italians are becoming interested in knowing the truth about what happened in Ethiopia in 1935, 1936 and 1937 and before the coming of light to new generations,” he pinpointed.


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