Horn alliance exemplary for other Africans: Researcher


ADDIS ABABA– Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia have executed a continentally exemplary work that could aspire other African countries to enhance involvement for the realization of African Union’s Agenda of regional integration, a researcher in the area said.

African and Middle East Affairs Researcher Asnakew Sisay told local media that the partnership and cooperation of the three countries is an exemplary act for many African states. Lauding the trio’s solidarity and demonstration of principled stance in continental affairs, the expert indicated that fellow Africans could share the former’s achievement in the stated areas.

Noting utilization of global currencies including Euro and USD facilitates Africa’s subjugation, Asnakew emphasized that Africans should tend to other forms of transactions including precious minerals and cattle. These kinds of trading must develop soon among African countries to realize Africa’s economic independence.

“What is the problem for an African country not to unite before 2063? We shall say no now. Western powers have exerted pressures on African leaders to secure their interest. The complex situation developed in Africa because of deep research-based mechanisms to control the economic advantages (trade route and others). To do so, there is a commitment gap between leaders as some of them are puppets.”

To be out of three-dimensional pressures, Africans must unite soon and the youths should work tirelessly to succeed the agenda. Africa has been feeding the West by exporting agricultural commodities, but the latter claim Africans are poor, he elaborated.

“We should follow and find African ways to develop together. We never seek third parties’ blessings. Now, visionary leaders are coming and emerging in Africa to unite the continent and change the situation. Ethiopia should be a model or exemplary for this task. Practically, Ethiopia is implementing a Pan-Africanism principle to unite Africa via developing ports, selling shares of telecommunication and others.”

As to the researcher, the #NoMore global movement has brought a proven result and it is a peaceful way of defending Africa and Ethiopia. “We have various cultural values to promote Pan-Africanism.”

The February 1/2022

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