Imbued with Pan Africanism paying homage to the beacon of freedom

In defiance of subjugations, fighting expansionists, colonizers and neo-colonizers staunchly and chasing out mostly white invaders with their tails between their legs, Ethiopia has managed to maintain its African Identity intact.

Not only that, a standard bearer it had inspired Africans and colored people across the globe to stand up and fight for their rights. In doing so, Ethiopia did serve a fortress society for the freedom thirsty. The reason why many freedom-seeker countries opted to permute Ethiopia’s tricolor resides in this datum. It had also an invisible hand in the liberation movement of African countries like Zimbabwe and the facilitation of training to freedom Icons like Mandela. Anti-Apartheid sensitization campaigns were being held here by Oliver Tambo.

Via its leaders Ethiopia did play quite a role in peace brokering effort. Ethiopia had paved the way for the establishment of the Organization of African Union (OAU) and later African Unity. That is why it turned the most sought-after country for the seat of the aforementioned Organizations. Owing to this fact, Ethiopia stirs a sensitive cord in the heart of Africa. It has a diplomatic niche there. This is evidenced in its power to galvanize Africans.

Take for instance the no more movement and African solutions to African problems campaign. Needless to mention that is why predators harboring a feeling of coming back donning the cloak of neo-colonization still have an axe to grind. They abhor Ethiopia’s push to take off the ground in all aspects proving a role-model. Here it suffices to examine what they did to cow Ethiopia for constructing the Grand Renaissance Dam that could quench the hydropower thirst of the region fairly utilizing the trans-boundary river Abay (Blue Nile) pursuing bootstrapping.

At this precise moment in time, changing the battle from the war to the diplomatic front predators are engaged in a frantic bid to tarnish the image of the country thereby to compel it lose its charm and influence.

Though Ethiopia is singled out a much-wanted country for peacekeeping mission in Africa and beyond and marked for time-old serenity, cordiality, citizens chemistry, considerateness and resilience, predators have been designing every ploy at hand to taint the image of the country.

Condoning the offender, basking under their goodwill gesture and seeing to their diktat to the letter, predators were staining the image of the country parrying the destructive agenda of revolution-exporters, historic enemies, dissenters and  dishonest media houses’ connivance that closed ranks to disintegrate this great nation.

Contrariwise to what doomsayers were bawling “it is wise to shun Ethiopia on the brink of collapse,” on (Timket) Epiphany Ethiopia has showcased it is a magnet of tourists and a cozy place to diaspora members pinning for their native land. This is a big smear campaign foiling victory.

Predators were also sweet talking some African countries for the relocation of the 35th AU summit, due to be held in Addis Ababa.

But engaging in diplomatic activities to win the hearts of African leaders via revealing the truth Ethiopia has managed to double cross predators it kept in the dark about its new tactful ventures. Ethiopia is given the green light to host the summit. This is yet another diplomatic victory. Ethiopia owes a debt of gratitude to those African countries that stood by its side when it was acid tested by the deceitful. A warm welcome home reception awaits all guests at Addis, the political capital of Africa.

Via citizens-government chemistry guest will be made to have a peaceful, eventful and memorable stay in the country.

Ethiopia will keep on demonstrating it is a true proponent of pan Africanism. Hands off Ethiopia, hands of Africa have found an echo among African countries. Black people could slam battles in all spheres be they diplomatic or military.

There is a need to arm the younger generation with Ethiopian History or African History. African must learn to ward off the divisive wedge predators conspire to weaken Africa with.

Let us wrap up with two quotes of two Pan Africanist leaders ( founding fathers of OAU) Haile Selassie and Nkrumah respectively. “We Africans had passed through subjugation. We were under slavery and oppression. There could be no other witness to testify the significance of freedom other than us.”

“I am happy to be here in Addis Ababa. Deploying a concerted effort we have to work for continental union,”

The January 29/2022

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