Inconceivable parochialism in a higher global administrative position

 For over three decades now, the heinous crimes that have been perpetrated by that Neo-fascist TPLF and which have been fast-paced to the crescendo during the course of the past three years are a public knowledge. Here it is important to note that this group is designated by the Ethiopian parliament a terrorist.

For those who believe they are worldly-wise and as such they will not take things without a grain of salt they could check facts for themselves in an effortless way heading to the areas the terrorist TPLF group invaded and occupied for a while recently before chased out to its foothold. Its members did outsmart psychopaths recorded in history. At this juncture it suffices to allude to the holocaust they committed in Mia Kadra.Aghast, the way the crime is committed is revolting. Provided their bellicose disposition, not only what they were doing yesterday but what they could do tomorrow being horrifying crimes goes without saying.

Terrorist TPLF, dubbed a mourning-killer, satanic by nature is fast in projecting the victim as a victimizer in the global arena and swapping its bellicose intentions with the characteristic features of the victim to dupe the international community.

As this bandit group had amassed and laundered money in billions (dollars) it lavishly greases the palms of dishonest journalists and media houses to insinuate fabrications as facts. Lobbyists and officials of international organizations have been under this bandit’s radar. This sinful act does not only give a green light to the perpetration of the crime but also further injures victims in all aspects as the saying goes adding an insult to injury.

Using a similar technique the strategic TPLF did subtly infiltrate its key members in different international organizations to see to the translation of its evil intent into action and its longevity. Here it suffices to mention the mendacious Tedros Adanom, WHO’s Director General. Ensconced in a high position and charged with a lofty responsibility, brazenly, he whitewashes the atavist TPLF members including hehimself.

Abusing his influential position and the sacrosanctity of WHO, he was extending arsenal and financial support to the born-to-kill group on top of state-of-the-art communication gadgets. Going astray from his assigned task of seeing to health issues worldwide, he was busy soliciting support to a Terrorist group that brought him up under its wings.That is why Ethiopia want UN to bar Dr. Tedros from giving a one sided and biased statement about Ethiopia coming forth to the global limelight with the intention of tarnishing the country’s image.

Why is he tightlipped about the destruction of hospitals and lootings of medicines in the neighboring areas of Amhara and Afar states Terrorist TPLF invaded? Doesn’t the rape and injury of little girls and elderly women by his likes concern him? Doesn’t the trauma of people in the aforementioned area concern him? Is it because they don’t hail from his ethnic group?How does his brain function? Does he himself need mental care? As a Director General of WHO, he must distance himself from parochialism! His lack of responsibility is appalling! He exemplifies a mentally dwarf person in a higher administrative position, for narrow-mindedness is what he reflects when broad mindedness is expected from him.

“He has not lived up to the integrity and professionalism required from his office. As such Ethiopia should withdraw support to him,” is what a prominent local political analyst stressed. True cracking his mask such measure will reveal the chameleon’s true picture. It as well will bar doors for his re-election chance. “He connives to taint the image of a democratically elected government of Ethiopia,” the analyst added.

An international analysts that examined his track record are also exposing him”Tedros acted as a partisan activist favoring parliament-Terrorist-dubbed TPLF instead of being a technocrat presiding over the World’s most important health body like he was supposed to be.”

“Tedros used false assessment to mislead the UN Security Council and he used that platform to mobilize the international community against his homeland,”Given this fact it is no wonder Ethiopia is urging a full investigation into his misconduct. It is high time he is kicked out of office as he is insulting the intelligence of the global community.


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