Individuals campaigning against deafening silence on TPLF’s atrocities in Afar

ADDIS ABABA- Twitter campaigners have been intensely criticizing international community for preferring silence over atrocities taken place against Afar Ethnic groups by terrorist TPLF groups.

The campaigners said that the international powers like the U.S. and others cry of hostilities when federal government tries to prevent the TPLF assault .However, they silently approve of TPLF’s atrocities on the people of Afar adding that almost all human rights organizations and the UN agencies are serving interests of one patron the U.S. and its major clients in the likes of big European governments and the issue of human rights is nothing to them.

As to the campaigners , the world seems to have given tacit approval to the TPLF terrorist to kill the people because of their ethnic identity and the U.S. knows that it could not make a mercenary out of these two groups of people. Thus, it has been operating to keep terrorist TPLF alive.

Denouncing the silence of international human rights institutions over the issue the campaigners said that never trust in so called international human rights institutions, In pretext of standing for defending human rights, they are frontline human rights violations in Afar state through supporting terrorist TPLF, according to them.

Valerie Browning ,the Australian woman, who runs the Afar Pastoral Development Association having stayed with Jeff Pearce via WhatsApp, she said that what the TPLF are doing is a “full-scale offensive” on Afar adding that with not only military strikes but the people’s livelihood “being systematically wiped out by the group.

She said that three days ago in Konnaba, a German-constructed and equipped hospital was stripped, and thousands of houses were burned and destroyed adding that all this for the political, arrogant greed of TPLF leadership.

She said that the terrorist TPLF distributed leaflets, telling the Afar to “either submit or be exterminated” while also ordering their soldiers to engage in looting.

She called that international powers should recognize and condemn the atrocities happening in Afar right now.

In his tweets Jeff Pearce said that last weak hundreds of Afar ethnic died, in Barahale and ethnic Afar activists discussed the situation in an online forum to enable concerned bodies to end the killing of their people.



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