Inequalities of all shades

Though in dexterity my physically challenged carpenter father,

Than the physically fit proves better, as a source to his anger,

With contemporaries a level ground he enjoyed never!

From late childhood there was one thing that me used to bother,

Why my so discriminated father

On his turn true to cultural dictates, ill-treats

My domestic chores saddled mother

And heeds not her say though by the sweat of their brow

As responsible parents they were happily bringing

My sister and I together?

I still wonder why, why, why my sister who has IQ

On par with me if not better, to help out mother

Suffering a cold shoulder even by her mom

Was denied the right to pursue education further

while I was given a chance to prove a man of letter(s)?

I remember, crossing many a pool, barefooted, I used to trek

A long distance to a nearby town’s school,

Where for my provincial and shabby clothes I was seen a fool

By the relatively rich in showing courtesy far from cool.

Though stationery they didn’t lack,

Sad, I had a hand tied behind my back.

Alas, up on joining campus

Where I yearned for the sagacious a chance

There too in my class, I was looked down by students

Hailing from families of the top brass.

When I went abroad for a higher education

Enjoying fellowship and donation

Worse still, I met many; color has colored whose vision.

Ironically my dissertation was drawing attention

To why should the broad mass be standers by

And with ill-fate marked die

While the favored ,racist and

The corrupt few gobble over 3/4 of the pie? /

Discrimination based on disability, gender (Husband and wife, son and daughter, ) towners and provincial lads, the haves and have nots, the colored and others wise and inequitable distribution wealth.



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