Int’l community must seek truth

Ethiopia has been known for its hospitable, peace-loving people as well as considerate, sympathetic and courageous leaders since long back. However, officials who led it for the last close to three decades sowed wrong seed among citizens to be in a tumultuous move as the leaders preached every citizen about the narrowly orchestrated divide-and–rule agendum merely to prolong their regime phase.

What the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been doing along this line is case in point in providing the country with hard time targeting at retarding its growth and prosperity. Despite government’s patience and tolerance for peace, unity and national integrity, the group continues mystifying country’s comprehensive change in all aspects. It is really enough to cite what the Prime Minister said during the inauguration of the Ministry of Defense Headquarters.

The Premier requested the general public to well comprehend that the recent measure was taken to draw important lessons from terrorist’s failure as it helps make informed decision in a very rewarding manner. He further put six pivotal aspects from which the country can learn more.

In the first place, as the reform originated, terrorist TPLF didn’t accept the pardon granted by the general public following the request of the reform administration led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) as it adopted dividing ideology, theft, entrenched cruelty life long, and such a devious nature doesn’t allow it to do so. Second, since the group stood still and severely loathed equality and democracy, it has never changed itself when EPRDF was converted into Prosperity; it could save a range of losses at least if it partially accepted prosperity and enjoyed running change under synergy.

Third, the group set up a fictitious election committee against the constitution stipulating ‘there should be only one electoral board and one defense force at national level’, and held an inane election shielding at Mekele. Fourth, after dividing the military based on racial sling set inside and training a number of Special Forces, the terrorist group attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force based in Tigray.

The assumption was paving the way to assume power controlling the large military wing. Fifth, the destructing group continued attacking innocent civilians, destroying properties and harassing people of Amhara and Afar invading various areas violating the unilateral ceasefire, as a good opportunity. Had it thought twice before taking haphazard action following the ceasefire, it would have saved the lives of many young Tigrayans.

Sixth, its advancing towards Dessie and Kombolcha was spontaneously done and the repercussion was seriously irreversible; this portrays that blindly running activities would make pay hard price.

Even though Ethiopia has been doing all its best for the sake of ensuring peace and coming to the national consensus incorporating all political actors, the terrorists group has never valued this due to its power monger nature, but Ethiopians’ precious common asset—peaceful coexistence—has to be well maintained and passed from generation to generation at a sustainable manner. The international community must also attach due emphasis to the innumerable messes the group has caused and pass a fair verdict depending on the reality on the ground in Ethiopia.

In sum, the Ethiopian government has all the time meticulously taken measures taking the eternal benefit and change of the nation into account. What matters here is the international community has to sieve the seed from the chaff and provide Ethiopia with helping hands. They have to open eyes, search for truth and condemn the evil acts of the terrorist group so as to pass informed decision.

The January 11/2022

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