Int’l community urged to rebuke TPLF for starving Tigray people


ADDIS ABABA- The international com­munity needs to work to make terrorist TPLF accountable for the crime of starving the people of Tigray in obstructing the de­livery of humanitarian support destined to the state, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the U.S. made the call.

The Ethiopian government would like to bring the matter once again to the attention of the international community, to put the  blame and pressure where it is due and hold the terrorist TPLF accountable for the crime of starving the people in Tigray, under whose name it has been wreaking havoc, Ambassador Fitsum Arega said in his Twitter post.

Meanwhile, the Ministry Foreign Affairs (MoFA) issued a press statement yesterday refuting TPLF’s false accusation of the federal government for blocking aid to Tigray State on accounts of lack of transport, fuel and humanitarian corridors. “The federal government left 14 million liters of fuel in Mekelle city alone when it evacuated its troops from Tigray in June 2021, declaring a Unilateral Humanitarian Cease-fire.”

The statement further highlighted that the rebellious group looted millions of liters of fuel from Kombolcha depot when it expanded the conflict into the Amhara and Afar states and it had been selling fuel in black markets in Tigray, profiteering out of the misery of the public. More than 1,010 aid trucks that should have been on the road delivering much-needed humanitarian support are stranded in Tigray and the trucks have been providing service for TPLF forces to deliver war logistics in contrast to the goal of international aid organizations.

“Despite the lack of audience, the federal government issued several statements calling on the international community to condemn the clique for repurposing the trucks for war activities and legitimate claims over the return of the trucks.”

The ministry emphasized the international community should wake up to the real reasons that have made the delivery of humanitarian assistance increasingly daunting.

It was also learned that TPLF forces launched a new attack on the Abala area of the Afar State which is the only operating corridor to supply humanitarian aid to Tigray.

The January 15/2022

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