Investigation unveils TPLF’s human right violation, property pillage

– TPLF kills over 1,100 innocents


ADDIS ABABA – An investigation conducted by the Ethiopian Human Right Council (EHRCO) indicated that TPLF has caused severe human rights violation and property loss in areas it invaded earlier.

Citing the findings of the investigation, EHRCO Executive Director, Dan Yirga said over 1,100 innocents were killed in a very horrific way in Dansha, Humera and Mai Kadr.

The investigation revealed that over nine hundred innocent people were killed, but the number is expected to rise as well as over five hundred innocent citizens have faced light and potential physical injury and over 65 women were raped by TPLF fighters individually and in groups but the number will expected to increase.

The investigation stated that internally displaced people hits over 600,000 in area where the council conducted investigation but actually due to the conflict millions of the people are displaced.

Over 130 public and private medical centers were pillaged and damaged by the rebel group as to the council investigation report and over 204 schools were entirely damaged. According to the investigation in North Shewa, Ataye Preparatory and Secondary School worth over 11 million Birr was damaged, and 1.1billion Birr school damage was recorded in Afar state alone, as to the investigation.

As all the culprits had caused public property damage amounting to over 9 billion Birr, not limited to, they have to appear before domestic and international courts. Grave human right violation has also been committed by TPLF fighters as well as a range of private and public properties are severely damaged and plundered.

The investigation was conducted in Afar (Chiffra, Mille, Kebele 50, Logiya, Samra and Berta) and in Amhara state (South Wollo, North Shewa, Oromia special zones, Cheffe Robit and Sanbte, North and South Gondar as well as North Wollo and South Gondar.

As learnt from council, since all the areas invaded are not fully covered, the council will continue working for investigation.

The January 1/2022

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