Invincibility’s seminal effect in unshrinking thrust for the better


 As amply demonstrated by history, heroism is a characteristic feature of acid-tested Ethiopians who summon this virtue when the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation is put at stake.

As Ethiopia chased out colonialists, fascists with respective tail between their legs it had once more succeeded to disarray and dislodge the invading Said Barre’s expansionist regime dealing it a devastating blow as the latter failed to remind itself messing with Ethiopia is catching a tiger by the tail.

The military prowess of hornet sting and infantry grueling Ethiopia portrayed by annihilating the Said Barre troops did add hues to Ethiopians’ indomitableness history as the attack on Ethiopia was calculatedly carried out at a time when the country was rocked by internal turmoil such as revolution. That is why the victory of Karamara is seen a historic triumph of higher significance. Said Barre’s vision of establishing a greater Somalia that unites all Somali-speaking nations by incorporating a large chunk of land from Ethiopia proved a castle in the air. Here, it is worthwhile to note that 25 fighter jets that took off from Hargeisa in air combat were destroyed by Ethiopian Air force lulus. That was the major factor that threw Somalia out of balance.

That is why Ethiopia, which doesn’t fall short of heroes and heroines, marked it for the 44th time on 5th March 2022 on the Ethio-Cuban Friendship Park. Galvanizing hundreds of thousands of militias Ethiopians repelled the bellicose troops and recaptured all the areas occupied by invaders on the 5th of March 1978.

On such occasions, lauding the selfless sacrifices our bearers paid to the intactness of nations’ sovereignty and territorial integrity and upholding the bravery sentiment serve an inspiration for coming generation to be baton raisers in insulating the motherland from any threat. An independent and robust Ethiopia is a must. Citizens that exhibit chemistry prove triumphant and robust. Such citizens that emulate forefathers set example for the generation next. At this juncture, it is appropriate to reflect that Karamara’s victory, another landmark in Ethiopia’s history, mirrors that of Adwa.

Borrowing strength from nation’s aura of invincibility we could come up with astounding feat of development.

Joining forces, turning deaf ears to divisive narratives, not yielding hands to despair and challenging limits we could spearhead the Ethiopia’s growth tapping the country’s resources as witnessed in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Electrifying the nation allows the mushrooming of manufacturing industries that beef up nation’s manufacturing sector which helps garner much-needed hard currency.

It is paradoxical that Ethiopia referred to a land of bounty and plenty given its water potential and arable land is still subject to a vicious cycle of drought and its repercussions as the one being witnessed in Ogden. Aside from environment protection we have to think of irrigating arid areas and developing underground water. It as well facilitates ways for even development. Hence, there is a lot to be desired from us in tapping resources at hand and translating them into actions with convictions.

Ironing out our political differences through deliberations and throwing our full weight behind attaining set nation’s targets we have to lead the country along the lane of affluence. Doing so helps us to brush aside historic enemies and rivals that do not feel comfort when they see our development take off the ground. We could parry their agenda to divide us.

In we manage to come to consensus apart from troubleshooting our problems; we could contribute to regional growth.

To sum up, distilling up sides from our past history and dumping downsides we could create a rosy future for our children and grandchildren. Our forefathers handed down a peaceful and sovereign Ethiopia. We have to bequeath this to the generation next adding development. The fact that Ethiopians and black people across the world have begun to colorfully mark the victory of Adwa is heartening.

The Ethiopian March 6/2022

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