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Partner Experience Navigator (Customer Service Officer)

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BCaD Consulting Management PLC

Company NAme: BCaD Consulting Management PLC

Posted Date: 2023-09-13

Deadline: 2023-09-23

Job Type:Full time

Salary: N/A



Job Description


  • Partner Experience Navigator is an expert customer service professional. They provide introduction to
  • the client interpretation services by answering all audio & video calls with courtesy and professionalism,
  • while documenting all provider interaction and ancillary issues. They are elite troubleshooters who are
  • responsible for triaging initial support and troubleshooting of the desktop and peripheral computing
  • environment with the corporate center as well as the devices, services, and software that are supported
  • at staff or client sites. They contribute to service knowledge improvement through documentation of
  • technical support and may need to assist with projects as assigned.


● Operator Functions

  • Accurately routes video and audio calls according to Provider request for specific
  • language support.
  • Assists providers in proper identification of LEP Patient language/dialect.
  • Cultivates cooperative relationships with Interpreters, Supervisors, Operator teammates
  • and the client management team.
  • Maintains awareness of changing Interpreter availability in the language center and uses
  • sound judgment in use of outsourcing options.

● Dispatch Functions

  • Triages on-site interpretation requests to dedicated team member(s).
  • Documents, through reports and data, all important client information.
  • Answers customer questions on open assignments as requested.

● Technical Support Functions

  • Provides technical troubleshooting for customers and the client staff members by
  • answering incoming calls.
  • Configure new devices as needed for current and new clients.
  • IT systems research to respond and resolve help desk ticket needs.
  • Monitors/troubleshoots and documents call quality issues.
  • Performs initial contractor onboarding quality checks.
  • To provision support services for Engineering and other technical teams.

● Undefined:

  • Watch and report on all ticket queues and performance of vendor(s).
  • To ensure maximum possible service availability and performance.

● Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

  • University Degree or GED required.
  • Mental agility and decision-making skills.
  • Familiarity with correct names of world languages and dialects.
  • Excellent English diction, communication, and interpersonal skills .
  • Familiarity with regional American English accents.
  • Ability to communicate sincerity and with professionalism on camera.
  • 6 months customer service experience.
  • Basic understanding of the technical fundamentals of the Internet and network connectivity.
  • Ability to assess and prioritize faults and respond accordingly.
  • Work well in a busy team.
  • Work well in an isolated environment using chat, email and phone for communication

Weekly work load:

  • A minimum of 40 hours from late afternoon to or beyond mid-night to aline with Pacific Standar Time day shift. Flexibility required to work 40 hours any time of 24/7 including Holidays.

Special requirements:

  • Because of working time in late hours those living in and around Lebu area are most welcome.
  • Willingness to work during Ethiopian holidays as the candidates will only rest on holidays recognized in the USA.

Additional Benefits:

  • International traning before placement and attractive remuneration.
  • Transport service to return from work when working in the evening time.
  • Housing allowance for those living near to office (5 km radius).
  • Working on Ethiopian holidays will be compensated according to the law.

How to Apply

Interested applicants please send your updated CV via email to with mentioningwhich language you apply for on the subject line.


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