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Project coordinator – Entomologist/Epidemiologist

Armauer Hansen Research Inistitute(AHRI)

Company NAme: Armauer Hansen Research Inistitute(AHRI)

Posted Date: 2023-09-19

Deadline: 2023-09-24

Job Type:Contract

Salary: as per the organization scale



Job Description

Job Description

The Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) was founded in 1970 through the initiative of the Norwegian and Swedish Save the Children organizations seconded by the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The Institute got its name from the Norwegian physician, Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen, who first described the leprosy bacillus (Mycobacterium leprae). AHRI reorganized by the decree of the Council of Minister’s Regulation No. 376/2016 as biomedical research, clinical trial and research capacity building under the Federal Ministry of Health. AHRI, over its 50 years in service, is well known for its hub function for skill and technology transfer and partnership embracing research agendas with direct impact in the development and transformation of population in Ethiopia and beyond.

The Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (MNTD) Research Division is one of the departments in the institute and currently has different research projects on Malaria and related areas funded by international partners. One of the projects is aimed to understand the contemporary spatiotemporal distribution, bionomics and contribution on malaria transmission of recently invaded malaria vector “Anopheles stephensi”. The project entitled “Controlling emergent Anopheles stephensi in Ethiopia and Sudan” (CEASE), is active since 2022. Currently the project has two filed base research’s activities (i) Case control study to measure the relative contribution of An. stephensi on local malaria transmission and (ii) experimental and semi-field entomological study to understand the bionomic of An. stephensi.

Therefore, the MNTD Division is looking for self-driven, motivated, innovative and energetic researchers to join our team as project coordinator – Entomologist/Epidemiologist.

Job Requirements

Job requirements:

Education and experience

  • PhD/MSc in biomedical science

§ 0 year for PhD or 3 years work experience in projects management

  • Experience working on molecular techniques; experience in molecular biology of malaria is an added advantage

Roles and responsibilities

  • Over all coordination of the research activities
  • Planning, commencing and coordinating field activities: Planning for field work, communication with stockholders, facilitating field data collection, facilitating sample transportation and storage
  • Planning, commencing and coordinating foreign and domestic purchase: Preparing purchase plan for consumables and reagents, sample collection tools
  • Planning, commencing and coordinating laboratory activities: planning for lab work, sample preparation, preparation of necessary supplies including laboratory space
  • Planning, working and coordinating laboratory activities:
  • Preparing data analysis plans and performing data analysis
  • Assisting the PIs in preparing draft manuscripts and following-up the process of publishing in scientific journals
  • Liaison with national and international project partners in relation to project data
  • Support writing research proposals or grant applications for submission to external bodies
  • Read current literature, attend meetings or conferences, and talk with colleagues to keep abreast of methodological or conceptual developments in public health
  • Prepare statistical data for inclusion in reports to concerned bodies
  • Prepare articles for publication or presentation at national and international conferences
  • Adhere to project plans, timelines, technical objectives, appropriate study methodologies for statistical aspects of public health research studies
  • Develop or implement appropriate data analysis algorithms and write program code to analyze data using statistical analysis software such as Stata, R, Python, etc

  • Write detailed analysis plans and descriptions of analyses and findings for research protocols or reports of public health research
  • Plan or direct research studies related to public health
  • Prepare data presentation tools to present results of public health research studies
  • Monitor clinical trials or experiments to ensure adherence to established procedures or to verify the quality of data collected
  • Draw conclusions or make predictions based on data summaries or statistical analyses
  • Design epidemiological research studies in collaboration with other professionals
  • Review state-of-the-art medical research protocols and recommend appropriate statistical analyses
  • Support writing scientific manuscripts and technical reports and publish in reputable journal
  • Perform other duties as requested by the PI as required

Desired Skills and Experiences

  • Understanding of complex statistical analyses to handle a variety of practical problems using modern statistical techniques and software
  • Skills in molecular technique in malaria, PCR, nPCR, qPCR, ddPCR and Luminex platforms
  • Skills in data collection and data management, including quality control procedures and the ethical handling of data
  • Skills to identify the relevant statistical issues in practical problems in medical/health settings and to propose and implement an appropriate statistical design and/or analytical methodology
  • Experience in discussing bio statistical issues with clinical/health personnel and in the presentation of statistical results in a format suitable for publication in health-related journals or professional reports
  • Technical skills to read methodological papers in the Biostatistical literature and apply the methods described in those papers to practical problems
  • Ability to work with multiple laboratory and Epidemiologic data systems and multiple data teams
  • Ability to work with research institutes, academia and the health sector, with local and international collaborators
  • Demonstrated ability to produce policy relevant findings from rigorous systematic reviews, in-depth analysis of studies etc.
  • Ability to assess the quality of different sources of evidence to facilitate for health policy decision
  • Published at least 5 public health related articles in reputable and peer reviewed journal (at least two of them as a first author);
  • Advanced programming skills using R, Stata, SAS, Python etc will be required

Other Competencies

  • Ability to problem-solving work independently, adapt to constant change, take initiative, self-motivate, be flexible, and multi-task
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, excellent communication (both written and verbal), interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  • Previous health research experience with publication record
  • Demonstrated ability and experience in data management
  • Other duties as assigned by the PI
  • Positions available: 1 (one)
  • Duty station: Addis Ababa

    Salary: as per the organization scale

    Terms of employment: one-year contract period with full time employment basis with possibility of extension based on performance and budget availability

How to Apply

How to Apply

Interested applicants who fulfilled the above requirements should send the following through

§ A CV/resume (not more than 5 pages)

  • A cover letter (note more than one page)
  • A one-page table summarizing your educational background, technical skills and competencies to facilitate the screening process
  • Provide names of three reference with their e-mail address
  • Publications should be listed in your CV.


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