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Re-Advertisement Invitation for Consultancy Services

PACT Ethiopia

Company NAme: PACT Ethiopia

Posted Date: 2023-09-04

Deadline: 2023-09-20

Job Type:N/A

Salary: N/A



Job Description

Sustainable Peace seeks to create a platform where USAID/Ethiopia can assist Ethiopian stakeholders to demonstrate greater resilience to prevent and respond to destabilizing manifestations of conflict. Specifically, Sustainable Peace will strengthen legitimate structures and processes, including local peacebuilding committees, to effectively and non-violently manage national-, regional-, and local-level conflict issues and to expand collective awareness, access, and willingness of Ethiopians to utilize non-violent systems to address grievances and mediate interests without violence.

Sustainable Peace’s design and objectives recognize the interconnectedness of trauma and violence. Among the conflict management strategies embedded in the project include Trauma Healing (TH). The TH model help community members learn about trauma, the cycle of violence and strategies for breaking the cycle. The approach uses a Trauma Informed Resiliency and Recovery (TIRR framework) designed to simplify (through images and storytelling) concepts to create a place for people without a formal education but with life experience to move deeply in their understanding about how violence, and the effects of trauma and compounded stress can impact decision making, community wellness, and social healing.

The Activity seeks a consultant to update and customize Pact’s existing Yegarachin TH methodology, which has been designed and implemented in support of additional programming in Ethiopia. To date, the materials have been developed in English translated to Agnwaa, Nuer and Amharic; efforts are currently underway to translate the materials into Afan Oromo. In recognition that Ethiopia’s conflict environment has changed in the years since Yegarachin was originally developed, Sustainable Peace seeks to advance an updated methodology that is contextually responsive, culturally sensitive and geographically representative of the target regions where it will work. The Activity must wait for donor approval of priority geographies before finalizing these geographic considerations.

The consultant will function as a technical expert to lead the development of the updated curriculum and training resources; and to incorporate revisions and refinements in consultation with Sustainable Peace stakeholders

How to Apply

Thus, Pact would like to invite potential consulting firms/individuals to handle these tasks by submitting technical and financial proposals mentioned in the ToR. Interested consultants can collect the Terms of Reference in person from Pact Ethiopia Office or by sending the request for the ToR to within five days starting from the issuances of this advertisement.

Submission Requirements: please submit the technical & financial proposal by September 20, 2023 before 5:00 pm.

Pact Ethiopia Office Address: Yeka Sub City, Woreda 9, Gurdshola area, Elfora Agro Industry PLC. Building 6th floor. For further information please call using Telephone 011-661 62 44/616939.


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