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Security Officer, -G4

Website United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

Company Name: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

Posted Date: 2023-11-10

Deadline: 2023-12-01

Job Type: Full time

Salary: N/A




Job Description

Within delegated authority, the Security Officer may be responsible for the following duties:

1. Provides security services for the protection of persons and property during specified working hours including night and weekends in any of the following areas: a. Tour and security control by checking ID cards and car permits or other relevant documents for proper identification of all persons entering the premises and ensuring that unauthorized persons and vehicles do not enter the premises; b. Ensures that all outgoing UN properties have valid gate passes and that personal belongings and UN properties (equipment, materials and packages etc) entering the complex are screened and inspected; c. Makes regular inspection of the grounds and buildings to identify any security risks and exposure as well as violation of security rules and regulation; controls the flow of traffic and enforcing parking regulations in the premises; d. Operates a wide range of security equipment including closed circuit television (CCTV) system, walk-through and luggage inspection machines, explosive vapor detector machines, other hand-held metal detector devises and radio communication equipment; e. Monitors electronic surveillance equipment or detecting any suspicious movements, incidents and persons and drawing attention to the relevant higher level security officer; and f. Controls, receives, and records radio messages.

2. Fire and Safety Unit to maintain fire and safety precautions inside and outside the building: a. Routinely patrols the ground and building to identity fire and safety hazards and checking to make sure all alarm systems are in working condition; b. Inspects and tests firefighting equipment, hydrant systems, hose reels and foam inlets, portable fire extinguishers; c. Ensures that all firefighting equipment are in their locations and precautionary signs and notices are not removed; d. Ensures that used fire extinguishers are recharged; e. Ensures that all fire/exit doors are not locked or obstructed, making regular inspection of all emergency exi·t doors, routes and walkways etc for safe and smooth movement at all times; f. Conducts firefighting and building evacuation drills as scheduled; g. Responds immediately to fires, rescue operations or other emergencies including undertaking evacuation of persons and property; and h. Investigates causes of fire and damages to lives and property, and compiles comprehensive reports concerning all the essential elements of the accidents, submits appropriate reports for administrative or legal actions and provides recommendations with a view to reduce future accidents of this nature.

3. Conference squad provides special security to conferences and other events: a. Provides special security coverage for conferences and meetings including checking and inspects conference facilities for detection of bomb and explosives, b. Screens and checks all persons entering; c. Provides delegates with the necessary security and safety information; d. Controls the flow of traffic and enforces the appropriate officer for safe keeping; e. Investigates incidents interviewing of witnesses and interrogates parties involved; and f. Prepares reports and communicates findings to appropriate higher level security officer.

4. Special security protection and escort services for the Executive Secretary, other dignitaries and for delivery of sensitive materials: a. Provides special security coverage and protection to the Executive Secretary within and outside of the complex, including escorting him/her to all official functions as well as to and from the airport; b. Arranges and provides security protection and escorts for Heads of States and visiting dignitaries; c. Organizes and provides escort for the delivery of valuable UN properties, stamps, diplomatic pouches, official document and funds; d. Arranges and provides security assistance and escort for staff, delegates, participants to report cases to Police and public offices

5. Assists in supervising subordinate security officers in the special security unit including assigning tasks, co-coordinating monitoring and following up on assignments; and maintaining records, files and registers of actions and activities.

6. Assists with the collection and analysis of data as well as preparation of data presentations and reports for information sharing, responding to queries, knowledge management, planning and decision making.

7.Assists with visualizations and updating information material such as web pages or brochures.

8. Carries out any other task as required.

Job Requirements


High school diploma or equivalent is required. Passing the United Nations Security Officer Test (SOT) administered at the Duty Station is a prerequisite for recruitment consideration for this post.

Work Experience

At least three (3) years of experience in security-related works, in the public or private service areas, such as national security, military, police, private security or in a corporate environment is required. The minimum years of relevant experience is reduced to one (1) for candidates who possess a first-level university degree or higher. Basic computer skills, such as basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is desirable.


English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For the position advertised, fluency in English is required. Knowledge of another official United Nations language is an advantage.

How to Apply

To get information on how to apply, please visit

Job openings advertised on the Careers Portal will be removed at 11:59 p.m. (New York time) on the deadline date.


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