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Training Program Specialist

Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)

Company NAme: Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)

Posted Date: 2023-09-19

Deadline: 2023-09-26

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Job Description

About EDI Ethiopia
The Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) Ethiopia is an autonomous institution reporting to the Ministry of Labor and Skills and was established in 2021. EDI came into being following the latest government reorganization bringing together two entities, namely: The UNDP-supported Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC), established in February 2013, and the World Bank-financed Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP), inaugurated in December 2012. Both projects used to operate under the auspices of the former Ministry of Urban Development and Construction before the reorganization.
EDI aims to promote the emergence of a vibrant, competitive, and innovative private sector, in particular a strong SME segment. This is accomplished through a comprehensive package of entrepreneurship support programs ranging from ecosystem and capacity building to BDS, access to finance, market linkage, and business incubation and acceleration services. Following its new mandate as a national institution, EDI plays a key role in the Ethiopian entrepreneurial ecosystem. EDI has undertaken a strategic shift from direct services provider to building the capacities of other public and private institutions in the BDS ecosystem.
About SEED Program
The Sustainable Employment through Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development (SEED) Program is designed to enable young women and men to access dignified work through relevant skill enhancement, and entrepreneurship and enterprise development. In the next five years, a total of 1 million young people (80% young women and 10% vulnerable groups – homeless and internally displaced youth) will be enabled to find dignified work in 231,000 enterprises (205,000 new and 25,000 existing micro enterprises as well as 1,000 innovative startups).
SEED will be led by Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), a quasi-government entity, along with partners such as American College of Technology (ACT), eHealth IT Services PLC (Orbit Health and Orbit Innovation Hub), Hope Enterprises, and Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA), member of the Ethiopian Airlines Group.
In order to address the skilling gaps with youth, SEED will be anchored at the Technical, Vocational and Training (TVT) institutions mainly located at small urban centers and secondary cities. The program aims to support the advancement of education and youth employment by capacitating 100 TVTs through introducing transformative operational business models, enabling TVT leaders, standardizing TVT management systems, supporting the establishment and operationalization of business incubation centers, embedding/strengthening entrepreneurship programs in TVTs, supporting development of demand-driven and quality training programs, supporting linkages essential for cooperation and collaboration for TVTs to become self-reliant, entrepreneurial, and a go-to-space for entrepreneurs to learn, test their ideas and grow their businesses.
The program goals and objectives will be achieved through the following four major interventions;
  • Transforming 100 TVTs towards enabling one million young people to find dignified and fulfilling work;
  • Enhancing the employability of young people through skilling and enterprise development;
  • Facilitating innovative access to finance and market linkages; and
  • Improving enabling environment for entrepreneurship and enterprise development.
SEED will focus on agriculture, manufacturing, digital economy, and services as priority sectors based on a value chain approach, evidence-based systemic change
The program would like to invite competent and qualified candidates to apply for the following positions to be hired on contractual basis
EDI is seeking a qualified candidates for the position of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ME&L) manager with relevant expertise and qualifications to manage and supervise the monitoring and evaluation activities of the SEED program.

Job Summary
The Training Program Specialist will be responsible for playing a key role in the design, development implantation and evaluation of the diverse portfolio of capacity building training program for the different target of participants of EDI implemented program including the SEED Program – Sustainable Employment through entrepreneurship and Enterprise development. EDI through SEED envision to capacitate over 100 TVET colleges through embedding entrepreneurial education in the TVET learning system through the introduction of a holistic entrepreneurship and employability skills program interventions. The design, delivery, follow-up and evaluation of a demand driven compacity building targeting TVET leadership and Management, entrepreneurial instructors and entrepreneurship and employability Skills for TVET students, potential trainers and mentors, SME entrepreneurs and ecosystem players will be pivotal to achieve other entrepreneurial outcome of the SEED program. The Training program specialist will develop and execute the work plans for activities related to all capacity building training programs at EDI under the direct supervision of entrepreneurship and capacity building program Director and other co-leads.
Essential Job Functions: Duties and Responsibilities
  • Prepare training work plan and coordinate capacity building training program under SEED project components and other EDI capacity building training interventions and on the job, support services in collaboration with other program team under direct supervision of Program Director.
  • Assesses training and development needs through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and communication with program directors, trainers, and customer representatives.
  • Communicate and assign trainers/advisors to conduct training in adapted to client request.
  • Provide performance evaluations for trainers and advisors.
  • Develops unique training programs to fulfill workers’ specific needs to maintain or improve job skills.
  • Train, assess and coach other trainers through EDI professional trainers capacity building program
  • Creates and/or acquires training procedure manuals, guides, and course materials.
  • Presents training and development programs using various forms and formats including group discussion, lecture, simulations, and videos.
  • Maintains records of capacity building training activities, attendance, results of tests and assessments, and retraining requirements.
  • Assesses training materials prepared by instructors.
  • Evaluates training program effectiveness through assessments, surveys, and feedback.
  • Maintains knowledge of the latest trends in training and development.
  • Prepares and implements training budget; maintains records and reports of expenses.
  • Performs other related duties.
Organization: Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) – Ethiopia
Program/Project: EDI Core Project
Grade: Senior Expert
Contract duration: One year with possible extension
Number of position: 1

Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements and Qualifications
  • Master’s degree in adult education, Psychology, Business Management/Administration, IT, Economics, sociology, political science, or other relevant fields.
  • Higher level certification in UNCTAD Empretec TOT program and other recognized certification program
  • 8 plus years of work experiences entrepreneurship capacity building training for entrepreneurs, public institutions
  • Demonstrated experience in instructional system design model and competencies in training management cycle.
  • Ability to design a disruptive and result oriented learning program.
  • High end analytical skills and understanding of the business and institutional environment and detect capacity development needs.
  • Ability to analyze trends affecting major sector/industry in which EDI implement capacity building (SME, Statups, TVET systems, corporate etc)
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving skills and attitude.
  • Strong public speaking and coordination skills
  • Working experience with diverse learning modalities; face to face, E-learning, social learning, blended learning approach etc.
  • Experience in delivery of public and corporate entrepreneurship and on the job support system such as public sector Innovation Lab.

How to Apply

Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)-Ethiopia now invites eligible candidates to apply for the above mentioned positions. Interested candidates should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the required services.
The applicants should clearly describe the name of the position to which they are applying for on their application letter.
Female Applicants are highly encouraged to apply for all positions
Application for the job (including recent and compressive CV with a letter of application and other relevant supporting documents) must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or apply on up to or before 26, September, 2023, 4:00 P.M.
Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours from 8:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M in the morning and from 1:30 P.M to 5:30 P.M in the afternoon.
The client’s Address is:
Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)-Ethiopia
Around: Kasanchis Nega City Mall 3rd floor
Telephone number: +251 115571150
Email: Country: – Ethiopia


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