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Ataye Town is located in North Shewa Zone of Amhara State. The Town is one of the areas hit hard by organized attack of the terrorist TPLF group and Shene few months ago. The group, apart from perpetrating colossal attack against civilians and causing death and injuries on children and women among others, they had inflicted incalculable damages on public and private properties including schools and health posts.

However, currently following the concerted efforts of the government, town administration and concerned bodies, it is enabled to resume services which were interrupted for months.

According to Abel Gezehagne, Ataye, town’s Health Post Head said that the town was entirely destroyed subsequent to the frequent attacks that stem from neighboring Oromo Special zone. The health facilities were severely destroyed in a manner they could not be used again and no single room was left untouched.

The repetitive attacks carried out by the terrorist forces had caused severe damage on public and private health facilities. The TPLF forces also vandalized all the facilities and left them empty.

However, thanks to the unwavering commitment of the security forces and concerned bodies, Ataye Town has now returned back to life; and displaced residents are now coming back to their home. Various public services are resuming rendering services.

In similar manner, Ataye health post has continued its services to common cases including follow up care for HIV and TB patients. The staffs are also gearing efforts to provide full services to the communities, he remarked.

Mamush Sikefagne, Ataye High School Educational Supervisor, for his part noted that Ataye Preparatory and Secondary School was attacked maliciously. All laboratories, ICT and E-learning rooms, administrative facilities and equipment had been damaged and vandalized by the groups.

Moreover, students and teachers had been in psychological trauma because of the conflict as several innocent civilians were killed and many were compelled to evacuate from their living areas. “To assist the students, we have created a platform that could give them some kind of psychological treatment. We tried to help students manage and control their anxiety and pains and fill their mind with hope and optimism.”

“We have resumed theoretical education using the damaged facilities and repairing some blackboards and desks in the compound, I hope tomorrow will be fine.”

“As schools play a crucial role in helping students deal with stressful events, we are endeavoring to serve the students in collaboration with health professionals. The school administration will keep on dealing with this reality,” Mamush said.

Now, students are coming to school with great courage and optimistic outlook. As of now 98 percent of teachers have joined the school and over 1,400 students are attending education as per the revised education calendar set by State’s education Bureau.

Solomon Altaye, Efrata-Gidim Woreda Head, for his part noted that during the invasions, social and development facilities mainly in the health, education and agriculture streams, worth huge amount of capital, were destroyed

“We are working with all pertinent stakeholders to sustain peace, security and restore law and order in the area, I think everything is going well. Many public services have already resumed providing services; and we keep on opening other institutions in the town and delivering standard services.”

“The town had survived serial attacks from various directions and all public services were attacked gravely, we have just started from the scratch. The inhuman attacks had left the town empty”

According to him, Ataye is victim of aggression. The town lost its human and material capital. The good news is that they are optimistic, though many lives had been lost and much property damaged. “We will not let our enemies defeat us, rather we are determined to renovate and return the town back to its former life.”

The hospital and other health posts have resumed services because Worabe University and Sidama State Health Bureau have respectively supplied them with the necessary materials.

Mentioning that there are health facilities and schools that have not yet started services, he said: “we are working persistently to address the challenges and make them operational shortly.”

“Many institutions and individuals have extended their hands in the effort made to rebuild Ataye Town. I hope they will keep on it. We need support from the regional and federal government, as well as development partners to make sure that all social and development facilities have commenced delivering services.”

The Ethiopian January 7/2022

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