Journalist calls terrorist TPLF political strategy ‘cannibalism’

ADDIS ABABA – Terrorist TPLF had been pursuing a cannibalism strategy to sustain political hegemony and its main concern was to get the blessings of the U.S. and EU member states under the guise of ethnic federalism, a veteran journalist opined.

Horn of Africa TV Editor Elias Amare said the U.S. and EU have been providing financial, political, diplomatic and military support for the criminal group to ensure their political interest in the strategic Horn of Africa in a clear violation of the will of the people. As soon as it assumed political power, the faction set policies and strategies that were designed to instigate hostility and enmity between different ethnic and religious groups and through this divide and rule policy, TPLF consolidated political power for 27 years.

Elias further noted that while it was in power, the criminal group have been repeatedly committing horrific atrocities and genocides in different states including Oromia, Somali, Gambella and Amhara. “Despite the people of Ethiopia waged fierce resistance against TPLF’s tyranny, the clique managed to stay in power for 27 years due to the West’s substantial support.”

After the radical element was ousted from political power by massive popular uprising in 2018, it took ethnic and religious strife as means to regain political power and financed anti-peace elements that struggle to destabilize the country. To the success of its ill-conceived goals, TPLF used the army and other structures that it built while it was in power, but its aim was duly aborted by the brave struggle of the sons and daughters of Ethiopia.

The journalist stressed that the criminal faction is determined to restore political power by any means and committed a treasonous attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces in November 2020 to this end. “After its forces were crushed by Ethiopian joint forces in Amhara and Afar states, Western powers have been extending their usual support to the TPLF and employing the corporate media and international organizations to call for negotiations.”


The Ethiopian January 7/2021

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