Journalist tells IDPs deplorable situation in Zanzalima


ADDIS ABABA– People that have been sheltered at Zanzalima IDP camp in Bahir Dar town of the Amhara State are in a dire humanitarian condition, a photo journalist visiting the area said, appealing for a speedy intervention.

Having witnessed the situation, the journalist Jemal Countess stated that those displaced people are still homeless and suffering from the negative repercussions of the terrorist TPLF invasion of the Amhara State by mid-2021. All concerned bodies have to pay special attention to the issue.

Countess learnt from the discussion he held with the local community that TPLF forces still controlled some districts and towns in the Northern Amhara including Alamata, Korem and areas around Sekota thereby displacing tens of thousands. The IDPs are still unable to return to their homes; residents of the Wag Hemra Zone and the  town of Sekota are languishing in empty factories, schools, open spaces or whatever shelters.

As to him, what is also difficult is the number of internally displaced persons is rising alarmingly and the situation has become beyond the capability of the Amhara State. “However, there is an alleged report that claimed the new IDPs are not ethnic Amhara rather these are Tigrinya speaking ethnic Amharas coming from the towns of Korem and Alamata.

Jemal also highlighted that ethnic Tigray people from Mekelle and other cities are arriving in Kobo town of the Amhara State claiming separation from the TPLF and seeking humanitarian aid. “Both of these developments are being observed with intense scrutiny given the recent incidents of sleeper agents’ sabotage in the state.”

Visiting the IDPs from Wag Hemra and dwelling in Sekota camp, Amhara Development AssociationCEO MelakuFenta said the IDPs are in troubling situation and need urgent support.Amhara Development Associationwill discharge its responsibility in collaboration with its Wag Hemra branch to provide IDPs with humanitarian support.

The CEO called on local and international donors to provide humanitarian aid to IDPs as the sole effort of the government leads nowhere.

The March 13/2022

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